My name is Taia – pronounced Téa. My website is a collection of blog posts and reviews for TV shows and movies. I also have a youtube channel. I spend a majority of my time working almost full-time as a barista, but I have bigger plans for my life, as we all do.

I’m a SCAD alumna with a B.F.A. in dramatic writing. One of my biggest reasons for applying to SCAD was so I could obtain the tools to write the film and TV show adaptations of my novels and short stories. I was a teenager during the Twilight, Hunger Games, and Divergent adaptation years, and we can all agree that some of those adaptations were great, while others failed miserably. I applied to SCAD with no money to go and I consider it a dream come true to be accepted into my dream college.

I started writing when I was ten, and the only way I know this is because I remember having an assignment for language arts back in fifth grade. My idea for the project followed a group of stuffed animals, who had came to life. The story followed them on their journey to rescue their friend from a mutual arch nemesis.

I have been writing every since, even writing fanfiction for a little while, until I finally finished my first novel in the summer of my sophomore year in high school, and let me tell you, I got on a roll after that. I’ve written quite a few novels and screenplays, and I have developed a deeper understanding and love for writing since graduating from SCAD.

My portfolio is hosted on Issuu and you can check out my Script Bank and Book Shelf to familarize yourself in some of my work. I also have a Patreon, and you can check out my patreon database as well. You may find something you like.

I’m currently trying everything on Taco Bell’s menu and working hard on my latest project. A few more details about me . . .

For serious business inquiries, you can email me at taiadominiquecreations@gmail.com.

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