7 Things I’ve Learned About Myself Since I’ve Been In College

Sorry for the late post. I haven’t had the time because I’ve had to leave my college town to escape Hurricane Matthew and do some homework.
Let’s see how next Thursday rolls, okay?

~Let’s get started, shall we?~

1. Drawing intimidates me more than I thought it would.
I already told you guys writing (novels and scripts) is my thing, so doing homework on something that isn’t my mojo is challenging. And irritating.

2. Walking everywhere will eventually tire me out.
I was in a life-threatening gym class during my last year of high school.
We ran up stairs, we lifted weights, we ran down stairs, we ran up bleachers, every place you could imagine.
We ran everywhere.
And I died every day.
So, when it came to walking downtown, I thought I could walk everywhere and not get tired.
Not only am I tired, but I am sore and sleepy by the time I get to class.
I bought some good walking shoes, all thanks go to my mother for her recommendation.

3. I’m afraid of clowns.
I saw a clown the other day on my way out of McDonalds with some ice cream.
He wasn’t your Ronald McDonald or another fellow happy clown.
This was a clown with no hair, pasty snow white skin thanks to body paint, elongated and bloody false teeth, soulless white eyes, and disturbing red lips.
This clown scared me and actually made me afraid to go outside for a good two minutes.
I stayed in the student center for a little bit and after I worked through the fear, I was outside again.

4. I still procrastinate.
There’s nothing else to say, other than it seems other important things get in the way, such as satisfying hunger or catching a quick nap.

5. Looking cute in class doesn’t matter to me as much as I thought it would.
I’ve been showing up to class in sweatpants with Sylvester around my waist and more guys are paying attention to me now versus high school. I don’t know what changed, other than the fact that I have Sylvester now and that I’ve tried to wear eyeliner more.
Either way, I’m getting more attention and I don’t know why.
(This doesn’t mean I don’t know how to dress up, though. *wink*)

6. My attention span is getting shorter.
Due to being awake five to seven hours before class starts (because of a long process of actually getting to my awesome college), I am paying less and less attention in class.
My only solution to this would be to utilize the nap pods in the Student Center and to drink coffee, chew gum, and eat spicy tacos whenever needed.
I can do all of those except eat the tacos, which makes me sad. The closest Taco Bell to my college is 45 minutes away.
*cries in small corner of McDonalds*

7. Speaking of McDonalds, I’m sick of their Egg McMuffins and small coffees.
Three weeks of the same breakfast can kill anyone.
Before you say anything about their menu, I know I have more options and believe me, I’ve tried to get different items, but everything is starting to taste the same.
Which isn’t good at all for a financially-challenged college student.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope I see you next Thursday.


P. S. – Please send Starbucks coffee and some Quakers breakfast bars.

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  1. Great Read ! Tell the clowns about your Krazy “with a K” cousin and you will have no worries ! Much Love..

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