“You’re Grown”

~Let’s Get Started, Shall We?~

To me, the phrase, “you’re grown now,” means “you can do what you want.”
That’s the only context I hear it in and every time I hear it, I cringe a little.
Being told “you can do what you want” places a weight on my shoulders. It means, “you’re old enough to do what you want.” That’s terrifying.
People start going around labelling eighteen year olds as grown, but we just graduated high school a few months ago. We had to ask to leave class to go to the bathroom a few months ago. If we skipped class, there was a punishment for it.
So, being told “you can do what you want” means you have to be aware that you have choices now. You can skip class, leave class to go to the bathroom, etc. You are responsible for yourself. Which is why that phrase intimidates me.
Just a few months ago, there were penalized for tardies with detention, penalized for fighting with out-of-school suspension, and penalizing for leaving class without asking with in-school suspension.
I know sometimes “you’re grown” means “you’re mature”, but most of us aren’t. Some of us are still laughing at penis jokes and laughing when someone says “duty” and getting angry when our parents remind us not to skip school and stay in class and eat healthy.
We’re not mature yet. We’re still kids.
And things can happen to us.
I literally thought on the third day of school, “Oh, wow. I could get murdered now.”
Morbid, I know, but we’re in the real world now. Things can happen to us.
So, when I’m told, “you’re grown,” it feels like “you’re on your own, you can take care of yourself, and don’t mess up.”
That’s a lot of pressure, but then again, if we aren’t told that now, we’ll revert back to kids when we need to be adults.
We’re growing, I know that, but being told “you’re grown” feels like we have to grow up in the next second. You know? Like, “Thirty-year old maturity level activate!”
But, um, we just got out of high school…

Just a thought.

Nothing is really fueling this post, other than remembering the occasions when I’ve been told, “you’re grown.” It’s a bit daunting.


I hope next week’s post (or maybe this weekend, who knows?) will be lighter.
I’m moving into my new place this weekend, so if a miracle happens and a post pops up here, it’s because my new computer has come in! 🙂


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  1. I totally understand this blog and believe me take your time. I have no worries because your head is on right !!! I would love to hear about the town of Savannah, what do you like about the city. Is it a fun place to live. Furthermore, what are some of the places you want to check out? They have tons of candy shops…..

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