Story Time: Savannah’s 19th Film Festival & Me

Side note: I’m still having fun messing around with fonts and headings. I’ll get it down soon, pinkie-promise.

Let’s clear the air first

I don’t know why I didn’t want to tell you guys this, but it’s really no big deal. I’m a SCAD student in Savannah.
I was timid to volunteer at the festival because I was timid about putting too much on myself. As you all know, these art classes are proving to be a challenge to me, and I didn’t want to make my life any harder by adding more things on my schedule.
I gave the festival three to four hours of my time and I had a blast.
Due to my experience as an usher at my church and during my junior year of high school, I was used to standing around and making small talk with fellow ushers and smiling at visitors.
Victoria* has been my buddy since freshman year started and we signed up for the same shifts to have a chance to hang out. Why not, right?



I had free time (and projects to do), but I didn’t chicken out. Why would I anyway? Nowadays, I tell myself to experience new things for the experience and memories. I’m timid about new things, but who isn’t?
There was a movie playing in the theater when I arrived for my 12:00-2:30pm shift. Thursday is the day where my first and only class starts at five in the evening.
Beatrice was our shift leader and every time I looked at her, I saw her as a character in a story I haven’t written yet (and yes, that is possible).
I ended up adding Jonas on Facebook and I spent my time standing in front of the closed doors, waiting for the movie to end.
I had been surprised when Victoria came out of the movie, happy to see me. She told me that the movie (Happy: A Small Film With a Big Smile) had made everyone cry and how she and the elderly woman beside her tried to avoid eye contact while sobbing. It was the funniest thing I had heard all day.
Victoria joined me, as her shift had started at the same time mine had, and we ended up sweeping the popcorn off the floor, preparing the theater for the next movie.
Beatrice gave us a half hour break for popcorn and I remember thinking how chill the Lucas Theater was versus the Trustees Theater.
Around one o’clock, another girl (Kim*) and me had been pulled aside and asked to help in the Trustees’s green room. I left Victoria behind and walked with Kim to the Trustees. It was hot outside, but a cool breeze kept me from sweating.
We entered the green room with instructions to help someone named Mike*. We found this pretty and cheerful blond (I never got her name) packaging up posters for movies that had already played. Kim and I ended up standing around awkwardly waiting for Mike to show up and when he had, we made sure he was Mike, getting a happy laugh (I guess he’s used to getting assistance from volunteers who don’t know him from Adam’s house cat?).
Mike told us to help Cherry* (the blond) with carrying this huge box (it was both taller and wider than me) to the FedEx office, which was only a few blocks downtown. Kim and I grabbed ends and we followed Cherry down to the FedEx. I ended up being right behind Cherry.
Cherry and I made small talk, all based on her asking where the good places to eat were. She eventually told me that she worked with (I looked up the acronym 🙂 ) WGPB Atlanta and had been sent to Savannah to work. She also told me the packaging task wasn’t her job and I was amused because I was carrying a box with my fellow volunteer down a sidewalk when I was supposed to be ushering. Like, same, right? 🙂
Cross your fingers I’ll see her again. She said she loved the city and she’ll be back next year. I told her she might see me because I’m pretty sure I’m going to volunteer next year.
I made it back to the Lucas Theater with Kim as another new Facebook friend and in no time, it was two thirty and I was allowed to go be a SCAD student again.
On my way through downtown, I bumped into Mike with his well-dressed and handsome posse and he waved at me. Day was made, just saying. 😉


I had a different kind of shift Friday and Saturday night. The shift ran from 5:00pm-8:45pm and I was one of the special kind of ushers.
That’s right. I was one of the ushers doing the VIP seating.
And it was great.
The first thing I noticed was that the Trustees Theater was a lot less chill than the Lucas. They seemed short on volunteers and the stress was on when the house opened, letting in the viewers for Moonlight.
I ended up talking to one of the men who had taken a seat in the row I was guarding.
I looked over at him, he seemed familiar to me for some reason, and asked, “I feel like I’m supposed to know you.”
“Me? Nope.” He said, smiling.
“Are you sure?” I asked, leaning forward, so sure of it.
“No. I’m just a producer.”
I blinked. “Just a producer?” Like, really? Just a producer?
He told me to call him Tom and I found out that he was one of the producers of the competition film for this year (Swing Away).
To be honest, I had no plans to watch any more movies since I saw my one (The Eyes of My Mother) on Wednesday night. It was only because I met Mr. Tom that I went to see his movie. (If you’re reading this, Mr. Tom, I loved it. 🙂 )
While I was watching the VIPs and keeping the wrong people out of the reserved rows, I met a fellow VIP seater named Kelly*. Kelly was a freshman like me and I promise you we would have been good friends. I meant to give her my number and Facebook, but I couldn’t because my phone was safely tucked away in a closet.
I was beyond bummed when I never saw Kelly after that night, not even at my Saturday shift. (I need to find her. 🙁 )
Anyways, we got more popcorn during our break (I didn’t see much of Victoria either) and some Halloween candy. The candy was the best part besides Mr. Tom and Kelly.
I went to the bus stop and waited for the bus, meeting more people on the way, such as Michael*, a fellow freshman like me, only he was ahead of me by a quarter. Then I went home and slept for 9 hours. 🙂

Let’s talk about the movies.

I went to see The Eyes of My Mother on Wednesday night. My mother, her friend, and my little brother also came to see it, but I ended up sitting with Victoria and her roomies.
The movie was not at all what I was suspecting – I’ll pop a review of the movie before next Thursday. I still enjoyed myself. It was one of those disturbing, psychological movies that kind of eat at you after you watch it.
I saw Mr. Tom’s Swing Away on Saturday morning after walking alongside of Savannah State’s Homecoming parade. I was more than surprised when I saw cheerleaders and floats on my way downtown. It was great.
There was a Q&A after Swing Away, and I went up to Mr. Tom to tell him I made it and that I loved the movie. (I did, for real. I’ll see it in theaters.) I saw the love interest for the movie (he’s more handsome in real life), but I had nothing to say and I was already tongue-tied after talking to Mr. Tom so I walked right past him and regretted doing so for a good few hours. (So not doing that next time.)

Did I see any famous people?

Other than Mr. Tom and Cherry (she should count, right?), no.
I would have loved to see Sam Claflin, but I think he left on Wednesday after the Q&A for his movie (Me Before You) played during my two thirty class. (I was so upset, too.) My friend Lucy* let him walk right past her and fangirled.
I would have taken a picture of his back, just to be like, “HE WALKED RIGHT PAST ME! LOOK AT HIS HAIR!” or something. (I just made myself laugh and cringe at the same time. Now my face hurts.)

In conclusion

I had a blast and I can’t wait for next year. Who knows who I’ll meet and who will walk right past me. 🙂


Thank you for reading.
See you next Thursday.


Side note: * means their real names are replaced with fake ones . . . I should probably just refer to them by food next time. Like Victoria can be called Ice Cream or something. 🙂

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