Goodbye, 2016!

Side note: Now that I think about it, this post sounds like it was for a certain holiday . . . You know? Thanksgiving?

Well, let’s go!

It’s been a good year. Really, it has. In fact, I’ll make a list. You know I’m good at those.

1. I made it to my 18th birthday.
Believe it or not, I used to have recurring nightmares (not every night, but maybe one a year) that involved me dying in a car crash and therefore not making it to my 18th birthday. I became paranoid around my sixteenth and seventeenth, because these dreams weren’t just about me getting into a car crash.
I would see things in these dreams that would later come true.
It wouldn’t be huge, like, “Mom! Aunt Emma won the lottery in my dream! . . . Oh, that was just her on the phone? She won the lottery?”
No, nothing like that. These dreams were little hidden moments that would appear out of the blue, becoming more significant when I noticed them. Like the way the sun looked shining on the sidewalk or how my little brother is getting dimples by his lips. Little things like that.
But then, *tires screech*, car crash! Bam! All of it gone!
And these little moments would lead up to the car crash. Like flashbacks. And that made me nervous.
But you know what? Maybe I didn’t die in this mysterious car crash. I remember sitting on the sidewalk, looking up at a dark stormy sky (because it had rained, yo).
But see, if I didn’t die, then who did?
And that is why I’m nervous about driving.

2. I graduated high school.
It was a great accomplishment all around, especially with the fee issues we started having the last week of school. I made it out alive and I actually became more fond of the new high school I attended than I thought I would, given that I had to switch high schools my senior year.
Guess who’s going to two high school reunions? *raises hand*

3. I was accepted into my dream college: SCAD.
My dream college, also known as the Savannah College of Art and Design, was my first and only choice for college. I didn’t pick another school and I certainly didn’t look for another school. SCAD was my one and only, all thanks to being introduced to it at fourteen and attending seminars, where I made my first blog (now reserved for fanfictions’ author’s notes).
Going to the seminars was helpful and it made me realize how much I wanted to help someone else by talking to them and you know? Using my words. I still have the notebook I took notes in.

4. Holy popsicle, I got scholarships to go!
I started working on obtaining scholarships when senior year of high school started. I wasn’t getting anything. I wrote a short story in the fall, then again in spring, and it looked like nothing was coming my way.
I had zero funds to go to SCAD in May 2016.
Then the results from my FASFA came in, which got me some nice scholarships like the Pell Grant and Hope, and a few thousands in student loans because yay! Loans!
But I was still short.
My mom kept the faith and kept telling me, “You’ll get some scholarships.”
And then right before school started, give or take a month, scholarships came flooding in.
By August 1st, I had thousands of more dollars then than I had the entire month of July.
I didnt have any money to go in May and then four months later, boom. All the money I needed, loans or not. (Mostly scholarships, if I remember right.)
Bottom line? I still got to go.
Even though we had to do a switch so I could actually afford to go and not owe so much money back, I still made it. And I’m so glad.

5. I found a place to stay!
This experience inspired my first three blog posts. I told you I had to switch off campus, and what was troubling was finding a ride in the meantime, especially since our car had died out on us the second day of orientation.
I hitched a ride with a lovely lady who works down here as a middle school teacher and found a way home every day, and I did this until October 22th.
I would wake up at 5am to meet her at 6am and arrive in Savannah at 8am, a good three hours before class started.
And on the days when her school was closed for a holiday, I met my ride at 5:30am after I woke at 4am, then arrive in Savannah at 7:45am.
And don’t let it be a Thursday, when I had a 5pm class. Oh, man.
But I made it guys. I found a place for the last half of the quarter, I got my sleep back, and made it out with good grades.

6. Speaking of which, my grades were pretty good.
I took two artsy classes (drawing and design) and a composition class. The artsy classes were Bs (84s, not my best, but not my worst) and the composition class was a solid A, a 90, I believe.
Given the circumstances of the first two months, I did great.
Oh, and I didn’t make Fs the first two months and make As to pull them up, no sir. I made As and Bs consistently in my classes a quarter.
Now, I might have failed a few quizzes, due to forgetting to do the reading, but it was earlier in the quarter when I would get home at 7pm, 10pm, and 12pm (one night, I think.)
So, yes. Let me gloat a little. I’m proud.

7. I declared my major after figuring out what exactly I want to do.
I love a good story. The format doesn’t matter.
But I realized, “Yo, I’ve written four books and made a template for a script, but I never got a chance to act on it due to hardware issues. I want to try a script sometime.*eyes shine as realization dawns* Maybe I could get good at it and convert my own books into TV shows and plays.”
And that’s what I plan to do.

8. I made it through 2016 without suffering an injury that followed me into 2017.
Enough said.

9. I’m here in 2017 . . .
Also enough said.

10. . . And you are, too.
I remember asking my aunt (Aunt Pie) and my cousin (Coco, for chocolate) if they’d still be alive when I was a teenager. I was around eight years old at the time. Aunt Pie reminded me of that while we celebrated the New Year this Sunday.
And I’m so glad they’re here. I’m glad you’re here reading my blog, and I’m glad we all made it.


This sounded like a Thanksgiving post, huh? Whoops.
But really! I’m glad 2016 is over. I’m ready for 2017.

Thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week.

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