Things I’ve Learned In My Art Classes

Let’s start, shall we?

1. How you hold tools matter.
I’m talking about when it comes to holding graphite pencils to sketch and paint brushes when it comes to painting a piece of artwork. Luckily for me, I knew how to hold a paint brush, but when it came to the sketching pencils, my teacher told me that I was pressing down too hard and I was drawing like I was “writing”.
Is anyone surprised?

2. Art is messy.
Given that I spend most of my time on a computer screen, actually doing “real” art – such as drawing, fooling around with charcoal, and even cutting things out for projects – was messier than I thought.
Believe it or not, that’s what made it more fun.

3. Art supplies are nore expensive than I thought.
Honestly, enough said. That’s the nail on the head right there.

4. Be purposeful with your actions.
This can be applied to everything in real life as well, but I didn’t think too much of my artwork when I first started working with something other than words.
I did my best to plan the composition, but it didn’t occur naturally. It was something I had to work on, and I knew that if I wanted my grades to go up, I had to be more aware of my goal.
So, my advice to any aspiring artists is to have some idea of where you want to end up. Not knowing the whole way there is okay, to be honest, no one really knows what they’re doing, but as long as you have an idea, you’ll be fine.

5. You are your worst critic.
You really are. Don’t judge yourself so harshly. Let yourself make mistakes. You’ll learn from them.


I apologize for my absence last week and the (super duper) short post for today.
But thank you for stopping by and I hope I’ll see you next week.