What I Learned Living Without a Computer (of my own)

Let’s clear the air first

After around eleven months, I finally have my computer back. And that means (hopefully more) blogging, writing, and I can finally do my internet-requiring homework at home now.
And, since all experiences are learning experiences, I’ve learned a few things and I’d like to share them with you.

Let’s start, shall we?

1. You can survive college without one.
I’m saying this under the assumption that your university has some sort of student center. I practically lived in mine up until now and then, of course, all of the various buildings around campus have a computer lab or two.

2. Flash drives can save you.
When my computer took a Sharpie to the screen, I quickly backed everything up on a flash drive and made it home base for all my manuscripts.
It was great, for a while.

3. But they can also hurt you.
The flash drive suddenly became unreadable (with all my manuscripts on it) and I’ve sworn off flash drives since then, especially once I made three different Dropbox accounts. I don’t need a flash drive now, not even for a just in case situation.
I learned my lesson. External hard drives aren’t to be trusted. The same can be said for Dropbox, but it hasn’t flaked on me yet.
Side note: I’m a little torn to give up on the information on this flash drive. I have older versions of the same documents on it, so I’m not entirely lost, but I was editing a book at the time and the updated versions of those chapters are still on it. I happen to have the older versions of these chapters and (yay!) the worldbuilding and cast sheets, but I don’t know how to proceed without the updated versions. A part of me still wants them. Leave a comment, if you please, about what I should do. Please and thankies.

4. Your struggle will be understood. (People will seem to respect you more, it’s weird.)
I promise you it seemed like I received some sympathetic and impressed looks very time my situation about my computer came up. I guess it was my determination to find a way to do my homework. I’m still not sure.

5. You shouldn’t feel some kind of way for goofing off (when you have a chance).
I was in the student center one day during the first week of class. I was online window-shopping on Target’s website and I was starting to feel some kind of way. Like I was wasting time. But it was the first week of school and I had no homework.
I sat there and ignored that feeling that was gradually growing worse when someone came in and stopped in front of the person in front of me.
They asked, “Hey, man, what are you doing?”
His buddy shrugged, “Just looking at houses.”
I immediately felt better and I added this to say that you’ll goof off on the university’s computers, too, and why? Because you would be doing the same on your own computer. So don’t feel bad.

6. You’ll tire out more easily.
It’s just a fact. I would be exhausted after class (for no real reason) and the idea of staying after in one of the computer labs to turn in an assignment or write a script just killed me.

7. You’ll procrastinate more frequently and for longer periods of time.
I would be too sleepy Friday morning to head into the student center straight away, and I needed to because that place filled up quickly. By three, all the seats would be taken. I would crawl out of bed around 2pm and grab the last seat by a miracle.
I would be reluctant to head to the student center due to all the extra work involved: having to wake up the day after the week ended, getting dressed in a somewhat stuffy, hot room, walk to the bus stop in Georgia’s trademark blistering heat, and then sit on the bus for around twenty minutes.
It was too much sometimes, but I made it.

8. You’ll make it, too.
Nuff said.

Side Note (I think)

I apologize for my absence. No sob story. I honestly just got lazy (and tired). Second quarter took a lot out of me. (That’s another story.)
I dedicated a tiny notebook to write out the bones for my blog posts now. Not only has it helped immensely, but I think I can say confidently that I’ll have a blog post every week now. I can’t say they’ll be super awesome (because I still want to make each post have a purpose of some sort), but they’ll be weekly. I’ll also find a better way to deal with these side notes. Bear with me, folks.


Thank you for reading. See you next week.