24 Hours

I started working at Starbucks around mid-June and I have fallen into a routine of going to work, coming home to eat and sleep, and then going back to work. I dare say I am more tired now than I was during school (and in a few months, I’ll be proven wrong), which is saying something.

Recognizing this pattern of behavior helped me realize that I have reached the part of life where you have to fight for time to do the things you enjoy. And when I say, “fight for time”, I mean, “shake off how tired you are and go enjoy yourself.”

Because, in the end, we all have the same twenty four hours, but what we do with them distinguishes us from other people.

And I want to get back to enjoying myself.

It feels as if I have less time to write, attempt to sketch, walk around Savannah and pretend to be a tourist, and even go window-shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I do have less time, but I still have time. Perhaps not as much as I want, but enough to do something with.

I just have to fight to do the things I like doing.

Does that make sense?

One thought on “24 Hours

  1. As a Cancer Survivor, this blogs hits home but in a different way. Today my Doctor told me it’s time to live ! I will be using my 24hrs very wisely. Great Blog ! Live, Laugh and Love !

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