Pace Yourself

Several weeks ago (because I’m an inconsistent blogger), I talked about how we all have the same twenty four hours and it is up to us to use them as we see fit.

Now I’m here to tell you to pace yourself.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to make your day as productive as possible, and I mean to the point where you haven’t sat down in six hours and you’re starving, dehydrated, and half-dead.

Don’t go that far with this whole “twenty four hours” thing.

We all have the same number of hours, but don’t waste five or six, trying to be productive while fighting with a body that is begging for you to slow down.

Don’t hurt yourself trying to have the most productive day ever every day. Your body will quit on you, but it’ll give you a heads up hours before. Listen to those sudden, unexplained aches, those moments of exhaustion, the hunger pangs. Don’t ignore your body.

What good is an hour or two to play tennis, write up a proposal, and hang out with some friends if you can’t summon the energy to move?

Self-care is important. If you can’t find an hour to hunker down and recharge your batteries, try to find five minutes to sit back and study nature, or at least get some food in you.

We’re all trying to do our best out here, but we need to be at our best (physically, emotionally, spiritually, all that happy stuff) to do our best. We have to take care of ourselves because sometimes, we’re all we have.

Don’t waste away trying to get your name out there.


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