A Revelation I Had

I’ve started the long road to publication.

Some say that the moment you start writing the book is the first step towards being published and I agree. If you don’t write the book, you don’t have anything to publish.

So, technically, I took my first step about two years ago. The book I’m hoping to publish before 2017 is over is a paranormal romance (and more details about the book’s plot are available here).

My mom is helping me with the editing process and today she brought up some questions that I had attempted to answer with the novel. I am about to reread it again and figure out what needs to be done, which means more drafts.

I am already on draft three with Snow Girl, having finished it, and I like to think that any additional changes will create a fourth draft. I don’t mind rewriting – that’s what writing is, after all – but talking to my mom helped me remember why books take so long to publish and why most of them are successes after they hit the shelves.

The writer has to have stamina to finish each draft, let alone get the book to a publisher. Some writers spend months outlining and due to their extensive outlines, it only takes them a few weeks to write the books. Some writers outline as they go, with a general idea of where they are headed.
Either way, it takes months of work to create the book, mold it to your true intentions, and make sure it a solid, intelligible heap of words that strangers can relate to.

Books take so long to publish because they have to make sense and as a writer, it is up to you to make the novel make sense and make the readers fall in love with your characters. If they don’t, the novel won’t do as well, and even though we’re only here to tell stories, we want the readers to care about the characters.
Which means we need to tell a good story.