Me & You Vs. a Hurricane

This one is a short one.

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have had a ton of fun these last few weeks, wreaking havoc throughout the country, damaging homes, and flooding streets. It’s funny how quickly we forget that nature is more powerful than us and we are often times at its mercy.

It’s easy for nature to remind us of our power, of how little we actually have, and when those reminders come, we forget the little power we do have. We can’t beat a hurricane away with a stick, let alone a raindrop, but we can help our fellow man.

We have the power to help each other and put our differences aside. We are the same, whether we are wading through water, fumbling through the dark, or looking for food. These petty differences mean nothing when it the world looks dark.

Don’t let anything stop you from being a good person, whether you donate or not. It costs nothing to be kind.

If you have the spare cash and want to help, click here to help those affected by Harvey and Irma. Every penny counts.

Side Note

I don’t know where this blog post went. I started off with talking about how small we are in the grand scheme of things when compared to something like a hurricane and it turned into a donation post. By all means, if you have the spare cash and want to help, do it.

I’ll see you guys soon.

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