Jan. 11, 2018 // Status Report

How dare I sit down to write with nothing to say?

The first week of class is over and down with. I am looking forward to a four day weekend and I plan to be relaxing most of it, if I ignored the hours I would spend behind the kiosk at Starbucks.

I had trouble picking classes for the quarter, partly due to some of them disappearing. The course numbers must not have matched, that’s the only way I can explain it. I like all the classes I have, and I managed to still fill out some requirements while leaving some free electives for me to use up in the coming future.

The only class I’m concerned about is this “writing” class called Improvisation for Writers. It’s one big class of improv games and I always loved improv and watching the actors do their things, with only a few fleeting moments of wanting to go up on stage with them. I prefer reading off a script because it feels safer and I know this improv class will challenge the way I think and adapt to certain situations. It’ll certainly help me think faster.

The other two classes are fine – I have several reading assignments that I am trying to convince myself to complete before they’re due. I may or may not finish them this weekend.

I had to remind myself this week that school is going to take up most of my free time, as work seemed to do over Winter Break. It’s going to be a struggle to be creative and do what I want to do, but that’s okay.

I plan to do my best this month and hopefully, I’ll have some goals I can share with you in a few weeks.


Thanks for reading this blog post/status report. I’ll see you next week.