“Me Time”

Feb. 28th, 2018 // Status Report

“Hey, Taia, how’s school going?”

The quarter is almost over and I have six papers to write in three weeks. Two of these papers are responses to essay questions, such as this one, this one, and a third one. These are easy – I can do these with my eyes closed as long as I have the motivation. I’m mostly concerned about the other four papers, which I should have started writing two weeks ago, when the assignment as a whole was less intimidating. All four will be due at the same time, whereas the two essay questions will be due roughly two weeks apart.

“What about your vlogs?”

I finally have my batteries for my camera, but guess what? I need a roughly $22 SD card. I don’t recall having to buy a card for my camera back in 2013, so I’m in a jam until I figure out which card my camera needs. This is easily mended, but rent is due on Thursday, so I can’t afford to buy one right now.

“Okay, so the post is called Me Time. Care to elaborate?”

I realized halfway through class that I am stressed. I like to think I am handling work and school, which in reality, I am. I’m not the crazy-productive overachiever who is a whole week ahead, but I like to think I am handling assignments alright. I am stressed because aside from work and school, I don’t have fun.

Now, fun to me used to mean writing, watching TV, and watching Youtube. It still does, but I need more stimulation. I stopped reading for fun around 2015 and I want to fix that (as I said earlier in my 2018 New Year Post). I want to pursue more “fun” things, especially since I’m in the middle of editing a novel and receiving beta feedback on said novel. For some reason, this task (alongside updating some fanfictions) has taken the fun out of writing for me. I know what this is, however. It is: creative burnout. I’m still being productive when it comes to editing Blood of the Fallen, but I can’t entirely enjoy myself because I’m editing old stuff and not creating new worlds.

So, how will I fix this? Let’s look at some numbers I made. I want to be accomplish the following in a month:

  • Write and complete two short stories
  • Write six poems a month (length doesn’t matter)
  • Write eight letters to my forty year old self
  • Complete four sketches (size doesn’t matter, only that I’m proud of them)
  • Update one fanfiction four times a month OR four different fanfictions once a month
  • Complete two paintings (again, size doesn’t matter, nor does the idea of the painting being on a canvas)
  • Four hours of playing ukulele
  • Finish one book
  • Complete five blog posts
  • Four hours of learning French and Spanish

Trust me, I know it’s a lot to expect of myself, but I plan to give myself a chance to relax and complete one of these things each day. I’m writing blog posts fairly regularly and vlogs will also fulfill the five-a-month quota.

Besides, this is the bare minimum of what I would like to do. All these activities are supposed to be fun and I’ll let you know in the coming weeks how I’ve been doing. I’ll update you all every two weeks, with a summary-of-the-month on the last day of the month.

I figured that since March started tomorrow, might as well get this going. Wish me luck! I want to have fun, but I might have overthought this a little bit. I still want to try.

Giving yourself “Me Time” is important, more important than I thought at first.

Have a good night.



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