The End of March

April 11th, 2018 // Status Report

March was over in a heartbeat and I blame finals for that. In regards to getting in some “me time”, I did succeed, but only so much. I don’t think I hit any of my goals, but the whole idea of “me time” was to enjoy myself and I did.

I spent an hour on ukulele (regretfully only once) and I studied French and Spanish for two hours. Duolingo is addictive, but it only seems to be that way when I’m on it. I didn’t write much poetry and I hardly opened the designated book of the month. (Speaking of which, I can’t remember what March’s book was.)

I can’t be too hard on myself. Thanks to finals and the sudden termination of three baristas at work, I’ve hardly been home, except to sleep or do homework.

April is going to be different. We lost another barista due to her getting a new job, but I’ve adjusted to the new hours and luckily for me, the quarter has begun, meaning my workload isn’t too heavy right now. In the absence of ukulele practice, reading, and editing Blood of the Fallen, I’ve picked up a new hobby: knitting.

It took me a few hours over this past weekend to get it right, but according to my friend and master knitter, Emily, I’m doing “beautifully”. I want to do more, more knitting, more reading, but I have realized that I’m looking at these hobbies like they’re tasks, instead of hobbies.

In regards to Blood of the Fallen, I’m stuck on chapter four and five. Chapter four needs tweaking and chapter five has to be scrapped and thrown away. Not the whole thing, but enough of it. I’m hoping I can jump on chapter five – I’d like to finish tweaking chapter four and finish chapter five before April ends. That’s how stuck I am.

My new classes are going well, despite my initial apprehension about taking a computer arts class with a laptop from 2013. But the odds are in my favor, SCAD always has a computer open.

Truthfully, I’m more intimidated by my short story class. Thanks to said class, my creative juices are flowing again, but perhaps there are too many writers in this class. The ratio seems to be about twenty students to one professor, and since we’re writing short stories, there isn’t much time to make friends or to get a decent critique. Maybe if we had ten students, I would feel better, but alas.

I’ll be posting my latest short story on wattpad in a few days. It was an assignment for this class, but I enjoyed writing it more than I thought I would. I consider it a palette cleansers. Writing about werewolves is fun and all, but it was nice to write about a young couple playing a VR game.