Where Should My Vlogs Go?

I mentioned a while back that I was going to start posting videos as soon as I got an SD card for my (really) old camera. I finally have it, and what my camera won’t capture, my phone camera will (for convenience’s sake).

My youtube channel is already up and has been for a year (*awkward cough*), and the reason I only have two videos up is because I was stuck on the idea of finding a niche in youtube. It seemed easier to put the videos up on here (and now that I have my own domain, I definitely can), but then it crossed my mind: traffic.

Part of me is terrified to post any more videos on youtube because of all the traffic it gets and then part of me wants the traffic. Settling on uploading videos to my wordpress seemed to calm me down for a bit (because youtube has been flagging harmless videos and having them taken down, along with demonetizing them). Honestly, I’m more worried about my videos being taken down than them being demonetized. I have a long way to go before I get there.

But once again, if I go with youtube, I have to find a niche, don’t I? I sincerely hope not. I think I’m settling on youtube, if only because my channel already exists. I’ll link the videos here (of course) and still continue to blog. It’s funny how I know what I want to do on my blog, but when it comes to a youtube channel (which is essentially the same thing), I freak out.

I guess I want variety (and I don’t want to bore you guys).


P. S. – Thank you to my twitter followers for helping me reach this decision!