The Lull of Routine

Feb. 17th, 2019 // Status Report

Hello all, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post.

As you can tell by the title, I’ve fallen into a lull, so to speak. I go to work, go to class, come home, repeat. I manage to turn in my homework assignments on time, with plenty of procrastination on my part, and I know that isn’t something to be proud of. Spoiler, I’m not. I feel like I’ve been scrapping by, but I have had some of those happy moments I wrote about in my last post.

I’m going out more and trying to be more spontaneous. I don’t let my homework sit around waiting for me for too long. I think things are picking up, but I’m struggling to jump on top of things.

I’m trying to plan more events throughout my week to break up the routine and I’m hoping to be spontaneous once a week and surprise myself. So far, I’ve enjoyed all the activities I fling myself into.

I started a new list of things for me to accomplish every three months. It’s a little discouraging to realize that I haven’t checked off anything yet on the list – I tried to pick attainable and realistic goals. I know I’ll have better luck next quarter – there’s always an unsteady adjustment period to these sort of things.

I think I’m getting restless and a change of scenery every day would do me some good, hence the sudden spontaneity. I’m too familiar with my bedroom walls and new faces in my life would be a nice change. I wouldn’t call myself a loner, but having a part time job didn’t really help my social life.

I have several things to figure out when it comes to the future. Do I want an internship? With who? What is going to be the core of my youtube channel? Should I start one? What can I offer? Why am I so indecisive?

I have vague answers to some of these questions and I hate turning over the youtube channel decision. I know I want to do it, but the exposure scares me.

All in all, I’m not too shabby. How are all of you?