Savannah Film Festival

November 7th, 2019 // Status Report
(A Summary of October 28th-31st)

Let me start this post off by saying that I haven’t been able to participate in the Savannah Film Festival since my freshman year. I made sure to see a few movies this quarter and despite some of them being out already, I had a blast seeing them in the Lucas or Trustees Theater.

The film festival began last weekend (on October 29th) and I wasn’t able to see a film until Monday, October 28th. I started off the morning with some animated shorts, which were brilliantly done. Phantom was my favorite of the five animated films that they played.
I ended Monday evening with seeing Black Boy Joy and Working Man. Black Boy Joy was a short film that preceded Working Man, and I happened to meet a lovely married couple, who watched the movie with me. We talked a little bit, apparently the husband used to work at SCAD for 27 years. His wife invited me out to the Post Theater down in Tybee, and I have every intention of going, after having met her. I also want to spend more time in Tybee, and this is the perfect reason to go. I told them a little bit about myself – my major and whatnot.
When the credits rolled for Black Boy Joy, the wife of the couple leaned in and whispered to me, “One day, it’ll have your name up there as the writer.”
I started tearing up and I had to wipe my eyes (and I hope she didn’t see me cry). Kind strangers make a daily difference in my day, and I really needed to hear that. I’ve been struggling to write anything that I find to be worthwhile lately, and her words reminded me to keep pushing through.

Working Man was a wonderful film – I’m still working on my review/plot summary, and I thoroughly enjoyed the film for exploring mental illness in African Americans. I thought the film handled this brilliantly. Pairing these two films together was a marvelous choice, as they both thought on mental illness in the black community and how it is brushed aside, never fully addressed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were wonderful days, too. I saw Swallows of Kabul on Tuesday Morning and Lost Bayou in the afternoon. Swallows of Kabul is an animated, tragic love story about two couples and I have to admit that the ending of this film left me in a somber mood. The film reminded me of how communication can make or break a relationship. Needless to say, things go wrong in the film and in the characters’ relationships solely because of what is being said and what isn’t being said.
The film focuses on two couples who are at least a decade apart in age, and the younger couple is clearly more in love than the older one is, but the older couple is more willing to make sacrifices for each other. This is where the couples are different, and even though the older man of the four of them is hot-headed, the younger female in the second couple is as well.
Both of their tempers is what leads to the downfall of their relationships, as the younger woman’s husband ties in a tragic accident trying to speak to his wife, while the older man essentially drives his wife away from him emotionally. The film has a so-so ending. The ending is not happy enough to erase the distress you experience while watching the film, but I believe the emotions the ending creates is deliberate. The ending is planned and therefore, the emotions you feel after seeing the credits roll is what you’re supposed to feel.

On Wednesday, I saw The Sound of Silence in the morning and Pain and Glory in the afternoon. Thursday brought me Seberg in the morning and Pain and Glory in the evening. I made a new friend when I saw Seberg, and we both commented quietly throughout Seberg‘s premiere. We tried not to talk too much – I hate to be that person in the theater who won’t be quiet – but I really enjoyed commenting on the events or wardrobe choices while the film played. I saw her Wednesday morning on the way to Kroger and I was ecstatic that she recognized me and said ‘hi’.

My participation in the film festival ended on Thursday evening, but it continued on until Saturday. My reviews on Seberg, Working Man, The Sound of Silence, Lost Bayou, and Swallows of Kabul should be coming out soon. They will have spoilers, but I’ll try to keep your interest in the film. Some of them are still airing.

Due to my assumptions about film festival’s dress code, I tried to look professional in the first half of the week. I wore a nice button up with a full face of makeup on Monday and Tuesday, and I wore my beloved mohawk on those two days. The amount of compliments I received was surreal. I forgot all about my alopecia. I swear I’ve never felt more beautiful. I know the makeup helped, but I’m beyond self conscious about my hair and the compliments took all of that away.

I’d love to be review films in my free time and attend events like film festival. I like to dress up and escape into a story, and I’m going to be sure to attend film festival next year if I’m still living in Savannah.

Monday’s Look for 2019 SAVFF

My only regret from this year’s film festival is not having the cash on me for the popcorn.

I hope you all have a wonderful day. I’ll see you soon!