Running to My Future

January 14th, 2020 // Status Report

Hi, everyone!

It was brought to my attention via email that Career Day is coming up. What is Career Day? It’s a day hosted by SCAD for all the big boy companies (Disney, Pixar, etc.) to come by and see what SCAD has been cooking up . . . AKA you get to talk to future employers and bestowers of internships.

Once I realized how close Career Day was (February 21st), I ran to RSVP for preparatory workshops. I haven’t really had any real world experience regarding resumes (and what companies are looking for) and writing cover letters (and what a well-written one sounds like). Long story short, remembering my inexperience made me dart to RSVP for these workshops so I don’t land on my butt when it comes time to pitch in front of anyone who will listen.

I pitch awfully. If we weren’t reading my material in class, you wouldn’t want to hear about any projects I’m currently working on because I make them sound horrible. The fear of speaking in front of people about something so personal and intimate (work that you’ve held close to yourself for months as you strive to make it perfect) and, of course, self-doubt has always made it hard for describe any of my beloved projects in detail. I want to free myself from this fear before the 21st, if only so I don’t embarrass myself.

I wanted to let you know about my latest endeavor to improve my pitches. What’s a pitch? My answer to “What’s your book about?” or “What have you been working on?” Of course, in the industry, my pitch has to be captivating and mesmerizing and maybe about thirty seconds. I have to leave you wanting more, prompting a longer conversation about said project, and it has to be done with sincere passion. I have to sound like I’m in love with my work, and I am, but the way I say it . . . I have to make you want to read it, too. Hence, the pressure.

Along with preparing for Career Day, I’m supposed to be working on three different writing projects (my feature film and play for one class, an episode of a TV show for another) on top of my long-term project Blood of the Fallen, a novel that I started in my senior year of high school and I’m still editing now.

I’m going to be writing so much this quarter and while I’m excited for it, I’d like to keep you updated, more so than I did over winter break. I may write smaller posts throughout the week, which I need to do anyway, but I always thought that a longer post meant higher quality. This is not the case and realizing this has alleviated some self-applied pressure. However, I don’t want to only talk about my writing projects, but knitting and social adventures as well.

Either way, I will keep you updated, and hopefully more frequently. Stay safe, loves.


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