My Thoughts on the Career Fair Workshops + Future Website Plans

January 23rd, 2020 // Status Report

Hello, guys!

I wanted to give you an update regarding the career workshops I went to last week. They were stacked, all bringing within a minute after the other one ended, and I spent a solid three hours learning. It was wonderful. I could almost feel my brain expanding.

The workshops covered resumes, cover letters, and pitches. I mentioned what a pitch was in my last post, and the information I absorbed regarding the resumes and cover letters was helpful. The workshops themselves weren’t nearly as hands-on as I anticipated. I expected us to go through our resumes with the presenters, perhaps reading the lines detailing our experiences out loud. I expected to be embarrassed.

This wasn’t the case. The workshops were calm and encouraging, almost intimate in a way. We looked over the prepared power points and listened to the presenters speak. Nothing “exposing”, nothing embarrassing. I was able to listen and take notes without worrying about my resume being ripped apart by my colleagues in front of me.

It was nice, and I wanted to reward myself with a wonderful salad from Roly Poly’s, but they were closed by the time I got to them. However, as a reward for myself, I’m keeping the tab open so to speak. I owe myself that good salad.

I already told you guys that I want to be much more active on my website, and to me, the only way I can accomplish this means writing more. Multiple posts per week. I’d like some feedback on this idea since I can’t promise anything solid. I’m working on a feature film, a TV show script, and a full-length play, so I’m already writing more than I have been in years.

I guess part of my problem is that I want to write more posts about different things versus one long post about everything (multiple “status reports” so to speak). What do we think of that? I posted a poll on my twitter so I can hear your feedback. I don’t think having a twitter account is required, but if it is, post your vote here. I appreciate your votes – they help me out.

Keep in mind: I’d still like to post on Thursdays, but I might see the multiple posts a week as a “way out” of that . . . We’ll see. I want to add an audio element (and possibly visual element as well) to my blog and this would be the start of that. I’ll figure it all out in due time, but I do have some exciting ideas.

Stay safe, loves! More to come soon! 😀