My Latest Project: It’s Not You

Hi, everyone!

I started working on a project that will bring awareness to the nature of abusive relationships and how anyone can be abusive (even without meaning to). The project focuses more on the intentional abusers, the ones who know what they’re doing, and I’m planning to deliver the project in the form of an audiobook.

It’s Not You is going to come out within the next week or so (partly because it is due next Monday), and I will post it on my soundcloud, leaving a link here on my website and on my twitter. I’ll post updates on my blog (hopefully nightly ones) and keep you all informed how the project is progressing.

Tonight, we downloaded Adobe’s Audition software to edit future audio. Me and my group partner, Rob, wrote the scripts for our stories in the audiobook. We both changed the names of our abusers as well. Rob asked one of his voice actor buddies to help us out, so he’ll be a third voice in the audiobook.

Along with creating the audiobook, I will be creating a pamphlet for us to pass out around campus. Rob assured me that he’ll handle the printing – it’s just the two of us working on this project, so we’re trying to do this fifty-fifty.

I’m supposed to record my piece of the audiobook tonight and start learning Adobe Audition. I’ll be researching over the next few days so Rob’s friend has something to read.

I’ll keep you posted how things go. Stay safe!



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