January 2020: My Thoughts

Farewell, January 2020 . . .

Hi, everyone!

I’m working on posting more and I thought I’d give my thoughts on January. The month definitely started out pretty crazy with “WW3” trending on twitter, along with the corona virus, the tragic passing of Kobe and Gianna Bryant. I can only imagine how his wife, Vanessa, is feeling. I think about her throughout the day, especially when I see photos of LeBron and the rest of the Lakers. The loss surprised me, honestly. I don’t watch basketball, but I knew he was a phenomenal player.

The controversy surrounding his death made it a bit hard for me to grieve with everyone else. There are some hard feelings against Kobe that I’m not inclined to feel myself, but I do understand them. I feel for everyone. I have to admit, I am sadder about the fact that Gianna was with him. Not that I wanted him to die alone or anything, but she had her whole life ahead of her.

January tried to kick my butt. I struggled with my depression for the first three weeks of it. Even when I posted last week’s status report, I was still “shaking it off”. I spent the last two weeks of January stressing about rent (as I do even once in a while when money is tighter than I like), but now that rent is paid, I’m walking around out here a bit lighter.

Career Fair is this month (the 21st), so I’m preparing for it in the meantime. I have so much writing to do for class and I hate to say it, but I started procrastinating last week. Of course, I know how to get myself back in the game and trick myself into doing homework.

The stats for January are as follows:

  • Knitting: Nine hours and twenty-five minutes (9 hr 25 m)
  • Spent time on homework: eight hours and seven minutes (8 h 7 m)
  • Blogging: Two hours and nineteen minutes (2 hr 19 m)
  • Writing for a project of my own (as a stress reliever): Zero
  • Editing Blood of the Fallen: Zero

I have to get some of these stats up! I know I can’t do it all, but I’m going to try. Can you believe I’ve only spent about two hours blogging? That’s lower than I thought, but I also type pretty fast.

I’m working on multiple writing projects for school right now, and I realized that I need to give myself a “goof off” project to work on – something to get the brain juices flowing when I don’t want to write anymore or when I’m frozen in a moment of deep procrastination. This used to be fanfiction for me, but not anymore. Maybe this is where wattpad comes in. I have an account and everything, but I would rather post any short stories here, versus wattpad, but of course, I don’t get much traffic so posting on wattpad would make more sense.

In regards to “Me Time”, I’ll start using that category again for knitting project updates or short story stuff. You’ll see that tag again pretty soon. Regardless of the stats, I have been pretty busy in January. Want to see what I’ve been up to this month?

All in all, I’m hoping that February will be a better month than January. More relaxation and productivity please!

Stay safe!