It’s Not You: Final Update

We finished it!

Some of the audio is a bit low and muffled, but most of it is pretty clear and loud. The audiobook is a collection of stories, about four or five, and even though they’re brief, the entire thing is almost twenty minutes long. The last five minutes or so are about signs of an abusive relationships and hotlines that you can call for help.

The stories come from personal experiences and some of them are from across the web. Any names mentioned are fake names. We have to protect their identities, so that’s that.

I added a watermark to the image above, but there is a poster out there without it. I didn’t want anyone to “steal” the original image, hence the watermark. I didn’t make the image – my group buddy Rob did. We switched out his voice actor buddy for a classmate – I guess things didn’t entirely pan out with him, and her audio is the bit that is muffled. She was pushing through a cold and I didn’t want to remove her audio. It’s still clear for the most part. We wanted a third voice to break things up.

You can listen to the audiobook here.

Stay safe!


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