April 9th, 2020 // Status Report

April 9th, 2020 // Status Report

Hi, everyone!

I can’t say that I’ve been up to too much since we last talked. As I mentioned before, one of my classes for the quarter is requiring everyone to create “narrative online content”, but the professor prefers video format. AKA vlogs.

It’s funny how this class happened to be one of the last classes I needed to take. It’s going to help me grow my presence online, provided that I find my sweet spot on the internet when it comes to what kind of content I’m going to create. I’ve been struggling with this forever, but now that I’m required to figure this out, my mind is racing with ideas.

I know the first video doesn’t have to be all that. Would you believe that part of my problem that I wanted everything to be set in stone. Perfect. Just right.

I wanted to have all of my equipment, all of my ideas, all of my videos scripted . . . I wanted everything to be perfect to start because I didn’t want to give myself any excuses to stop, but at the same time, I was stopping myself from starting. I was in my own way.

Now that I have to start with what I have, I feel less intimidated (when it comes to the production part). Coming up with “good” ideas is going to be a gnawing problem for a long time, but I’m sure once I get the hang of it, it won’t be so bad.

However, I don’t want to make it through this class and create these vlogs, only to call it quits. I’m hoping that I won’t lose my drive to make these videos because I’d like to make them part of my . . . life online. Of course, I’m hoping to get some sort of format down so there isn’t too much chaos in the beginning . . .

My other classes are going well. My idea for my film adaptation class was finally approved and I’m turning Blood of the Fallen into a TV show for my other film class. I won’t be converting the entire book into a screenplay, but I will try to use this as a way to reoutline the novel. I mentioned earlier that I “lost the magic”, so I’m hoping this class gets me back on track.

I haven’t been knitting much this week, so I know mentally, I’m not doing as well as I usually am, but I don’t feel too bad. I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately, so that could be a factor. Meh.

But otherwise, I’m doing alright, and I hope you are, too.

Please stay safe!


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