April 30th, 2020 // Status Report

April 30th, 2020 // Status Report

Hi, everyone!

I wasn’t going to write this post at first. My mom showed me a video about “New World Order” stuff and I mentally shut down in response. I’m not a fan of any of that stuff. Things are already so uncertain now, and throw in conspiracy theories . . . Anxiety-inducing, to say the least.

I wanted to give you all another brief update, regarding a few WIPs. It won’t be as detailed as next’s weeks WIP Wednesday post, but here we go:

Regarding the podcast, I’ve done some worldbuilding. I decided on making the listener/viewer the main character. I’m not too certain about what prospective the podcast is going to be in, but I have identified some “conflicts”, which will be some of the cards acted out in the story. I have a weakness for elemental magic, so I had to veer from the idea of making the Cups suit all waterbenders, the Pentacles suit being earthbenders, etc. I had to approach the idea of Us vs. Them differently, and I’m hoping to start writing within the next week.

Regarding Blood of the Fallen‘s pilot, I had to face my writing weaknesses head on once again. I withhold too much information or I info-dump. Usually, withholding information is my initial problem, and then I’ll info-dump, in an attempt to clue the reader in. I knew while I was writing the first act that the reader would have too many questions, and the feedback from my class reflected my thoughts. I’ve been working on Blood of the Fallen for years, so the information I was withholding was a fact of life for the characters the whole time. I forget to include and consider the reader. I guess I want everything to be a surprise.

Red Sugar is going well in my other class. My professor is enthusiastic for the rest of the draft, but he asked if I could make Lewis, my main character, a bit “thicker”, less one-dimensional. Lewis was feeling flat, so I have to thicken him up in act two. I try not to rewrite anything I’ve already written for a first draft, but given how Blood of the Fallen‘s pilot is looking, I’ll have to break my own rule.

It’s funny because I think my mom is growing impatient and she wants me to publish something now. I’m impatient, too, but I know that I want to publish excellent work, and there can’t be anything wrong with it. No info-dumping. No withholding critical information for an unnecessary length of time. No flat characters. Can I explain this to my mom? Not exactly – she says that everyone loves what I produce, which may be true, but I need my work to be at a certain level. I’m not too confident if I could get her to see my point of view, she has a more analytical brain than I do, but I’m sure she would understand that I’m still in school. Still learning and improving. I just want to be ready, ya know?

I’ve been giving my youtube channel some thought. As you all know, I like to “blog” my life on here, even if I don’t go into too much detail. I’m not trying to turn my domain into a diary – I enjoy having a place to release some of my thoughts and fears. I have been journalling more (yay!), so the need for me to spill my guts on here isn’t so nagging.

However, I had a moment of discouragement yesterday.

Sad tweet 4.30

A few hours after I tweeted this, I sat down and wrote on my white board what kind of content I would create for youtube. I only wrote down ideas that made me feel excited, and here’s what I got.


A translation:

Inspire, empower -> tell a story

    • WIP updates
    • “How I’ve Grown” video series
      • comparing old projects vs. new projects
    • Writing Inspirations / One muse per video
    • Novice advice about cards
    • Recommend tarot reading channels
    • Your Journey: how you use tarot
    • The Uglies: talking about the ugly aspects of society
      • Racism, sexism, colorism, mysgony, etc.
“Glow Up” series
    • extensive status reports about my self improvement and growth
Reviews/Video Essays
    • Recommend channels
    • My Thoughts

I think this will be okay. What do you guys think?

Stay safe!


Links & Other Stuff

Content to Expect

  • Breaking Bad (postponed)
  • The Haunting of Hill House
  • Silver Linings Playbook
  • Twin Peaks

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