May 4th, 2020 // WIP update

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May 4th, 2020 // WIP update

Hi, everyone! Grab some tea! I have some updates for you. (You can click on the project names, too!)

Blood of the Fallen

I’ve been turning the first few chapters of the novel into a screenplay for class. I am having trouble with the pilot, given that I’ve had to rewrite act one already.

The goal is to leave the class with a nice, polished pilot episode. I decided to use this class as an opportunity to (once again) revise Blood of the Fallen and figure out why I keep rewriting the novel.

I realized that Lucy was my problem. I had no idea what she wanted, despite her initial goal (coming back to the Keepers she grew up with). Something about her goal felt too easy, too shallow, and the feedback on the class reinforced this idea. Lucy’s motive has changed and she’s thicker than she was more, almost three-dimensional.

I had to set the novel aside for a while because I felt that I had lost the magic. Now that the class is almost over, I decided that it would be fun to go farther back in time and write a prequel for the novel, as a side project. As of right now, the title for the prequel is called Blood of my Blood.

I may be stuck in a rewriting loop, and I know that I need to move forward finish rewriting the draft, and to keep hope alive, I think I’m going to continue writing the rest of the book as a screenplay. It’ll serve as an extensive outline that I can use to finish the rest of the book with.

Of course, I’m going to see what the class thinks of the pilot episode first. Writing the novel as a screenplay was surprisingly more helpful than I anticipated, so I think it would be a “safe” way to continue writing.

Taia Dominique: my youtube channel

I sat down the other day and brainstormed some ideas for the channel. I realized that I want to do tarot readings for other people, and thanks to my upcoming podcast, I should have some more experience with the cards. I was so excited to do this, but then the self doubt came creeping back in. I was discouraged again before I realized it, but now that I know this is something I want to do, I’m regaining some excitement.

I can’t say that my youtube channel would turn into tarot readings. It’s definitely not my intention and as I said before, I don’t want to “vlog” my life. I want my youtube channel to be a collage of mostly professional videos. Nothing like a diary, ya know? (However, I have been considering turning my tumblr into a “quarantine diary” of sorts. I’m still debating.)

I would love for my youtube channel to become a place of relaxation and encouragement for my (future) viewers. No drama. No gossiping. Just me, you, cups of tea, maybe some tarot cards . . . Just whatever the video’s topic is. I would comment on society’s shortcomings, but other wise . . . I want the videos to be relaxing and comforting.

Tarot and Taia: my podcast (name under debate)

Disclaimer: I’m still trying to figure out the name for my podcast, as well as a hosting site. I lost steam while researching, so I have to hop back on that. I’ve been doing more and more tarot readings for myself lately and I’m proud to say that I’m becoming more familiar with all of the cards. I’m hoping to have the majority of the “meanings” down by the end of this week. I want to produce a script for my professor by Friday next week.

That’s all for this month’s WIP update. I’m trying to decide how often to post these. They’re a wee bit more detailed than my status reports, but I don’t want to bog you guys down with all the writing. Maybe twice a month. Sound alright?

Stay safe! And tell me what you’re working on! <3


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