Rewriting & Avoiding Burnout // WIP update

May 13th, 2020 // WIP update

Hi, everyone!

I’m struggling a bit with Blood of the Fallen‘s pilot script. I keep getting the same notes on it: too many characters, not sure who the protagonist is, etc.
These are my usual writing weaknesses. I love a big cast. I like having a few main characters, not just one. I was okay with the notes here. I knew I needed to shrink down the cast.

However, when it came to my professor’s questions, I realized that I was unable to answer them. He asked me, “what is the underlying theme for this script?” and “What does XYZ want?”

Back when Lucy was the protagonist, I thought the theme of my script was choosing family, finding a place where you belonged, etc. And maybe, for the first level of “theme”, this could work, but I needed more depth. I needed more.

Lucy couldn’t do it for me. I wanted Lucy to be the protagonist for so long, but then I realized that I had more fun writing Axe. I understood him more. I could “hear” his voice easier. Lucy’s story, her internal conflict with believing in the Christian god and fighting werewolves, was intriguing enough, but she was hard to write. I didn’t know what she wanted to do, who she would grow into being at the end of the series.

I’ve often considered killing her off.

But again, my thoughts shifted to Axe. My classmates even confirmed that I seemed to focus on him and that perhaps he was the true protagonist after all. I agreed with them, and then I found myself stuck.

Fine. Axe is the protagonist. What did Axe want? What would be the underlying theme if he was the focus?

At first, I tried to distill Axe’s want to two things, following old advice back from years ago. Axe had two goals, right? An “emotional” goal and a “action” goal. A want and need. What were they?

I thought about Lucy, and how Axe always had a crush on her as a child. How naturally protective he felt towards her. Then I thought about who Axe was, to his friends and the society he’s in. I know I don’t talk about Blood of the Fallen that much, but I reminded myself that Axe is a big deal in the world he’s in. People flock to him. He’s regarded as a celebrity. They adore him for no reason other than that he’s powerful than the other Keepers. So, what would he need?

To be left alone. Axe wants Lucy and he needs to be left alone, to live his life in peace. Away from prying eyes. Away from scrutiny.

And regarding an underlying theme? Still no idea. Nothing deep yet.

I know you’re thinking, “Taia, you’ve never told us about this. I have no idea who these people are.”

That’s another one of my writing weaknesses. I keep most of the information to myself or I info-dump. I’m still trying to perfect my timing with this, but alas. (More info should come soon, though.)

Regardless, outlining and following through with said outline has always been a weakness of mine. I tend to veer off course, but despite that, I always have to rewrite my work a few times before I strike gold. I show potential, but my execution is poor at times.

It doesn’t help that Blood of the Fallen is an idea that I had in my senior year of high school. I’ve been editing the manuscript for my entire college life, and I think that part of my problem is that I’m still trying to hold onto as much of the source material as possible. Nothing is set in stone – I could easily kill off Lucy, but everything needs to have a purpose.

I would really like to use this script to push the novel in the right direction. I need this to work. I may be putting myself under too much pressure, but I’d love to come out of this class with a great script. I’m bummed about the rewriting (I spent two hours yesterday rewriting scenes that still didn’t work), but I want to get it right.

Making Axe the protagonist changes my logline, too, right . . . ? I have so much rewriting to do. 😔

Also: any thoughts on this tweet? Because I could write about Blood of the Fallen and the world I’ve created for hours.


Regardless, stay safe and thank you for listening to me rant. 🙂


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