Biting the Bullet // An Announcement

May 25th, 2020

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to thank you all for the support. Last week’s blog post about toxic relationships blew up and I gained a few more followers. I was amazed at all the views, and I hoped that everyone enjoyed the post despite the ex ranting.

I feel that no one talks about toxic relationships enough. We all hope that we would know better when we meet an abusive person, but that’s simply not the case. Even certain behaviors from our family or that we do ourselves can be considered abusive, and I wanted to raise awareness of that. I want to write more blog posts like last week’s and the previous week’s post, so I can help save us all some heartache.

I’ve been thinking about the future lately, and I think I finally regained some of my ability to think long-term. I created a Patreon page over the weekend and I know this may not be the time to do this, given all of the financial issues that have occurred from the pandemic. I wanted to tell you that if you see any content tagged with Patreon or anything similar, I don’t want you to feel pressured or obligated to run over to Patreon.

I called this post “biting the bullet” because last week, I became obsessed with the idea of creating a Patreon page and it was bothering the heck out of me. This urge hit me out of nowhere and it terrorized me up until last Friday. It came out of the blue and I worked on my page forever. I saw so many Patreon tweets. I felt as though it was my turn, but I managed to jump back and forth between deciding if I wanted to make one or not.

I agonized. For days.

Then I published it and the feeling completely went away. Call me dumbfounded.

While I was writhing in pain trying to reach a decision, I realized that this would be a bit motivating and help me keep creating. Knowing people are waiting for my stories . . . It’s humbling and inspiring.

I wanted to take this time to break down some of my Patreon tiers for anyone who may be interested. Personally, I consider Patreon to be like a tip jar. Not necessary, but appreciated.

My love for tarot helped inspire the names for the tiers and the pricing as well, but let’s discuss the content first.

I like the idea of exclusive content on Patreon, but this would only be for certain tiers. I wanted my Patreon content to be affordable despite my interest in the idea of gated content.

Some of the content posted on Patreon will be echoed on here, my Tumblr, and my Wattpad account. Ideally, I would like to write short stories on Patreon and post the first few chapters on these platforms. However, the echoing content will always lead back to my Patreon where the rest of the chapters will remain.

I wanted my patrons to be able to vote for blog post and youtube video topics. The podcast, blog posts, and youtube videos will still be available for everyone and will be posted on their respected platforms. My short stories and scripts will be the only exclusive content on Patreon. I didn’t want to hoard everything on Patreon, but I also wanted some of my work to be somewhat private.

As far as written content on Patreon, I wanted to focus on writing short stories (and honing my writing skills) as well as sharing the first drafts of scripts and novels. The work will no longer be shared on Patreon as I edit and create new drafts, and I am considering creating a special tier where the patron will get a signed copy for free.

The tiers

I wanted to divide the tiers into categories, where the viewer can decide on what they want to support based on the tier they’re purchasing.

The Ace of Cups tier focuses on my creative process and patrons will have access to some freshly written excerpts from whatever WIP I’m working on. This tier gets to read raw scenes and can tell me that they’re awful. 🙂

The Ace of Wands tier piggybacks on the Cups suit and focuses finished written works, like edited scenes from whatever WIP I’m working on. However, this tier gets to see finished and completed scenes.

The Ace of Swords tier focuses more on the societal commentary, my youtube channel, and my blog.

The Ace of Pentacles tier focuses on educational content (like last week’s blog post) and the podcast.

All of the Aces are allowed to vote in the polls. The only reason why the Ace of Swords and Pentacles can’t see extra content is because I wasn’t sure if anyone still liked bloopers, and I wanted to give people who weren’t too interested in my writing a tier that may be more of what they wanted.

The Sun tier is where the magic begins to happen. This tier can vote on writing prompts for me follow through with and they have access to the short stories, scripts, and other written content. They also have all of the benefits of the Aces, so this can be considered the basic tier.

The Magician tier has the benefits of the Sun tier, but they have early access to written content. This tier also has access to redacted worldbuilding documents, character history documents, and brainstorming materials.

The last three tiers are pretty special, but also divided into categories. Of course, my patrons can decide on which polls they want to vote in, but I wanted to recreate “stronger” tiers that resembled the Aces.

The Hermit tier focuses on more writing-related content. They can still vote in the polls pertaining to youtube videos and blog posts, but they also have the added benefit of early access and the option to be fictionalized in one of my written WIPs and appear as a cameo.

The Hierophant tier is all about social media – youtube, twitter, my blog – and my podcast. With this tier, you can DM me directly on twitter to suggest a topic for me to discuss on a platform of your choice. Of course my DMs are open for tarot readings and whatnot, and due to the expense behind this tier, I promise to get your chosen topic filmed, written, etc. within the month.

The High Priestess is the last tier and this one focuses on my written content and my love for tarot. This tier can also allow the patron to be fictionalized and appear in a WIP as a cameo, but the added benefit for this tier is a free monthly tarot reading. This reading will take place in the twitter DMs (or not, depends on the patron) and scheduled. We’ll pick a day and sit down, read some cards. It’ll be glorious.

These three high-level tiers can submit voting topics for all patrons to participate in, and they have access to the entire archive as well as early access to written content.

I aim for the following social media schedule:

  • New youtube videos every Sunday
  • New podcast episodes every other Monday
  • New written content for Patreon every Friday
  • Blog posts every Thursday
    • Extra posts on Tuesday or Saturday

I’ve been working on my podcast as well, but I believe the earliest I will release it will be July. I had to readjust my filming room for youtube, so I’m in the process of purchasing ring light so I can produce higher-quality videos for youtube.

However, when I created this schedule, I realized that I would have to figure out exactly what “early access” will look like.

Once again, most of the polls on Patreon will lead to new content created outside of Patreon (i.e youtube videos, blog posts, etc.), but the links will always be posted on Patreon so my patrons can see what they voted for, and my Patreon will be posted in the links of said content to entice curious minds back to Patron. If they choose to go . . .

Gosh! Can you say “Patreon”!? 😂

Again, my loves, this is considered a tip jar. I love the idea of having a place to share the early drafts of my work with you all. I wanted my website to remain professional and despite this feeling, I wanted to create a community, both here and on youtube.

You can check out my Patreon page here and I appreciate you taking a peek.

As always, stay safe!


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