Staying Distracted // Status Report

Aug. 14th, 2020 to Aug. 20th, 2020 // Status Report

Hi, everyone!

This update may seem a bit brief. I have been taking my therapist’s advice and trying to stay “distracted”. This manifested into tons of spontaneous website maintenance, all for the common good, let me assure you.

This maintenance has resulted into some lovely consistency for my formatting. You can already see some of it when you click through some of my pages on here. (Also, the footer looks different! Cluttered or okay? What do you think?)

As well as working on my website, I started watching The Good Place on Netflix, and I’m enjoying it more than I suspected. I think the length of the show matters, too, though, because each episode is barely twenty five minutes. This is great for binge-watching, so I’m already a few episodes in.

I have also been uploading some drafts on Patreon, too. You can access the Script Bank for the links to read the first act of Red Sugar and C.O.D.Y.’s Intentions here. I’ve been having a bit of fun making everything connect (linking everything together and whatnot). I created some moodboards for C.O.D.Y. and for Sins of the Sun, a new project that will be available exclusively on Patreon in the near future.

Despite all of the busy work I’ve given myself, I have found myself staying up too late and getting a bit discouraged with life. This usually happens around a certain time of the month, but it has been happening more frequently lately, probably since quarantine started. Since I’m trying to stay optimistic (as well as alive), I decided that I needed a solid morning and night routine.

I’ve been having more nightmares since my last blog post. I mentioned this to my therapist and she said that I may have “stirred something”. So, this means a solid routine, both for waking up and going to sleep. I’m always trying to add more structure to my off days – my on and off schedule isn’t ideal for me, and I’m finding myself trying to recover from work on my off days. This is fine, but I want to utilize my off days more wisely. Another predictable moment of me wanting to be more “productive”.

Stay safe! ~ Taia

However, having a schedule and some daily tasks (like knitting, following through with my skincare routine) would definitely do me some good. I think I confuse productivity with taking care of myself, and they do not resemble each other at all.

So, I’ve been trying to stay busy (while accomplishing things, not for the sake of being busy) and trying to take better care of myself. It’s a ride, but I’m strapped in.

I hope you all are doing well. I’ll see you soon!


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