Juggling // WIP update

Sep. 14th, 2020 // WIP update

Hi, everyone!

I started working on a love story after a tweet went viral one night. I call it “viral” because it got so much more attention than I ever anticipated. The first chapter is up on my Patreon and I will be uploading a new chapter for it once every month, as well as a new chapter for the next story I’m going to mention soon. As we all know, I want to give myself more time to write and create good work, so I figured a new chapter every month was feasible, if not easy.

Both of my stories on Patreon are love stories, but one is darker, a bit grittier, you could say. The first story, based on the tweet, is called Echoes. We follow Ezra Reeves, a young witch who escapes her home country as a fugitive. She lands in Highpoint Spring, an island that welcomes in “mystics”, people with supernatural abilities. Now safe and sound, Ezra settles into her new home with the help and consideration of the local mystics around her, and she quickly catches a crush on one of them: Zinnia Evers.

When I tweeted about writing a love story, I was exasperated and inwardly lamenting about how the news and hearing about world events was making me feel. The tweet came from a place of wanting to escape, and I guess quite a few people wanted a similar escape at the same time. So, while Echoes isn’t going to be “taken too seriously”, I still want to produce a good first draft. There won’t be much outlining, since this is escapism writing, and I want to have as much fun as possible. Echoes is acting as a salve for me – a safe place for me to go when I’m feeling down or even angry. The first chapter is up on Patreon and you can check out some of the moodboards here.

Sins of the Sun was my first real project for Patreon. I created my Patreon on a whim (more like a strong, irresistible urge) and Sins of the Sun came to mind when I tried to figure out what kind of content my Patreon would contain. This project was in my head way before Echoes manifested, but because of the events going on in June at the time, I didn’t have the mind power to outline properly or research anything. I’m still struggling now, due to more hours at work, but again: I want my work to be well-written.

I think creating content that I know people will read is pushing me to do my best (which is good), but it is more pressure. I haven’t written a new manuscript in four years. All of my SCAD projects were films, so the formatting and writing techniques were different. There’s a different way to convey emotion in a script, since you’re relying on the actor to do that part, whereas in novels, you have to write what the character feels. So, long story short, I’m a bit rusty with writing feelings.

Anyways, what is Sins of the Sun about? Due to my week off, I’m playing catch up, but here is the logline I have from my worldbuilding document. It’s a work in progress, like the rest of the book: “After being banished from the Sun Temple and a failed assassination attempt, Shimera decides to return back to the temple by any means necessary, even if it means rejecting her entire being.”

“Taia, what does that mean?” you ask.

Wait until I write it. I had the excellent foresight to outline the entire novel a few weeks back, so I’m not starting entirely from scratch here while I’m catching up. Just know that there are immortal headless soldiers, sapphic love, betrayal, and magic powers (of course). You can see some of the moodboards here.

It’s going to be great, and I’m going to cut myself some slack about how the first draft is going to be. First drafts always capture a glimpse of what you’re imagining, so while Echoes‘s first draft is what it is, Sins of the Sun‘s is only a glimpse of what I have in store. Like all writers, I wish I could write a perfect first draft, but alas.

Now, despite how much I have going on (my projects, secret projects, work), Lightningborn popped back into my head a few days ago. It’s a podcast/leftover project from SCAD that my entire class loved, and I started having trouble deciding what I wanted it to be. Obviously, a podcast, but I wanted it to be a narrative one. Ya know? Like me reading a story. So I needed to write it, right?

I started working on that, but then George Floyd was murdered and the world was on fire for a bit. It still is, but the election B.S. is drowning it out because of the danger of possibly incoming fascism, so . . .

But now it’s back in my head and in an effort to not go crazy, I entertained the idea of juggling all five things at once, and then I realized that I would lose my mind . . . I still want to come back to it, especially since I uploaded a teaser episode a month or so back.

Stay safe! ~ Taia

I’m not sure what to do with it, though. I want to add sound effects and have other voices, too, but I don’t have the time or mind power for it. It’s sitting on the back burner and I don’t like that. Part of me is tempted to continue writing it out like a VR script, but as an interactive one, like a “build your own adventure” so to speak. I might do that, honestly. That seems more feasible than writing and recording a podcast while working thirty five (35) hours a week.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to. I really needed a week off and now I’m paying for it. 😂 To be fair, the week off was involuntary. Give your body what is owed as soon as you can, or it will come and claim what belongs to it when you least expect it. That’s all I can say.

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