Change in Plans // WIP Update

October 7th, 2020 // WIP Update
Hi, everyone! I wanted to clear the air surrounding some changes to my content. This isn’t my usual “WIP updates” post format. As we know from my last post, I’ve been having some more scheduling issues. I’ve been running late with a few of my uploads and while I’m working to remedy that, I’ve also realized I should adjust my expectations. This may be a bit T.M.I., but I finished talking to my therapist and she only confirmed what I already knew: I’m too hard on myself. If we can recall my uploading schedule:
  • A monthly summary post, once a month
  • A collective energy reading on my Patreon, once a month
  • Status reports, every other Thursday (two total)
  • A new chapter added to my Patreon projects, every other Friday (two total)
This is only six uploads. Completely doable. I’m not giving myself any excuses here. My only new motivator is that I start being kinder to myself, regardless of if the uploads are late or not. This isn’t a “I’ve seen the light” epiphany for me, since I already suspected something like this needed to be done. So, in an attempt to do this (be kinder to myself, let loose a little), I’m going to start switching things up. Maybe drop a review or a random knitting update. Maybe film a youtube video. That sort of thing. I think I’ve become too rigid about the kind of content I create, which is so far only blog posts and stories (which isn’t bad!).
Stay safe! ~ Taia
I want to give myself more room to grow. I even considered changing up my WIP updates to something a little more informal. I’ve allowed myself to stay in my comfort zone for too long (blog posts and whatnot), and my attention have shifted to other forms of self expression, like painting or playing my new ukulele. This is all stuff that I’ve wanted to do and share, but I didn’t have the courage to. I wanted to let you guys know about the upcoming content change. Maybe a switch up in content is exactly what I need.

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