October 2020: My Thoughts

Bye, October . . .

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to start this post off with a victory! I fulfilled all of my upload obligations. I had only one upload that was late, and that’s so much better than the two or three late uploads from last month. I was adamant about being kinder to myself this month regarding my upload schedule and I think I really came through.

I’m working on shifting my perspective on productivity and punctuality – these things are important, but again, I shouldn’t be harsh to myself about being a few days late with an upload. I’m not in the “real world” quite yet, so to speak. I take myself seriously (maybe too much), but extending myself grace and kindness could never hurt.

All this stuff aside, I wanted to summarize October. The word for October is fast. October was slow to get here, but quick to leave. It seemed like once October 5th came, then it was the twentieth, and now it’s November. October really zoomed by and it didn’t feel like the summer months at all. Each one of them crawled by. It’s almost like October showed its face and then dipped out.

I thought I would start doing something different in my monthly summary posts. I want to talk about some things I enjoyed and go into detail about some content you can expect from me, courtesy of my November Content schedule post on Patreon.

Fun stuff first! What did I enjoy this month?

Ariana Grande’s new album Positions is high on my list (yes, because it just came out, but I’ve also been playing the album in my head and on my phone for half an hour at a time). I’m not the biggest Ariana Grande fan, but I found myself sitting up with the rest of the world waiting for it to drop. The beats are nice, the background twinkles and blings are dreamy, pleasant on the ears. Some of her notes come off as just right. She would hit a certain note and my ears would be like “😍.”

I’ve been watching a few critique videos about the album and some have mentioned that some lyrics are weak in certain songs, and while I agree with this, I’m also not a songwriter. My favorite songs are POV, Nasty (yes 😅), and Positions. I love the message in the album: realizing you’re falling in love again and trying to let your guard down. The album captures the struggle of wanting to let someone in and desiring to be vulnerable (despite how terrified you are). I would probably cry listening to some of these same songs again if I was sad.

I like to think that my music taste varies, I can sit through a good deal of songs you probably don’t expect me to like . . . So what else has been on repeat this month (when I’m in the mood and really feelin’ it)?

  • “Over the Love” by Florence and the Machine
  • “Pieces” by Red
  • “Castle Went Dark” by Craig Armstrong
  • “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish
  • “Somewhere” by Sanders Bohlke
  • “How” by The Neighborhood
  • “Scary Love” by The Neighborhood
  • “Look Out” by James Vincent McMorrow
  • “Bust Your Windows” (slowed version) by Jazmine Sullivan
  • “Mansion” by NF
  • “Haunted” by Beyonce

I know my music taste is all over the place, but I enjoy the different emotions each song has. Some are lusty, angry, speculative . . . I love it.

I’ve also spent more time watching some self improvement channels like MuchelleB, Lavendaire, and Rowena Tsai. I enjoy watching their videos. It reminds me that we all have some aspects of ourselves that we would like to improve, not totally erase, and how some experiences regarding how we view ourselves are universal and experienced by everyone around us, even if we feel alone while we’re going through our experience. Watching these three powerful women remind me that I’m not alone when I am, and that someone else is going through (and even documenting) the same thing.

October was peaceful. I was starting to go crazy after being in the house since March, with my last memorable outing being last Halloween, so now I have weekly outings out of the house to Savannah. Just to change the scenery. My first outing involved my buddies, Laura and Julia.

Had a blast! ❤

I also went to a party birthday (and my first ever costume party). I wore my mask the whole time. We took a group photo, but you know that Android phone quality . . . Here’s a picture of the spooky appetizers. The Birthday Girl made her own cake pops, too! If only I had the skill . . . 😂

Spooky! 👻

So . . . What am I up to this month?

As we can see here, I am continuing my usual scheduled programming of a monthly collective energy reading, a status report on the third Thursday of this month, a new chapter for Echoes, and a WIP update of sorts will take place on this Wednesday.

What else is going on?

I’m working on an oh-so-not-secret project, perhaps for NaNoWriMo, if I’m going to be honest. The project is called Lightningborn. I maye have mentioned it a few times, but I’m dedicating some serious thought to it this month. I want to launch the narrative podcast in January, but I have some moving pieces to glue down first.

“Taia, what is it about?” Glad you asked!

I recently emailed my portfolio to an employer and managed to finally distill Lightningborn into a pitch. Yes, I’m still worldbuilding, but as far as certain plot points set in stone, I got ’em!

Lightningborn is based on the idea of a world influenced by tarot cards. Our main character, Fallon, wakes up in the same world he has always lived in, only now without memories and with the ability to control lightning. He quickly realizes that the inhabitants of the town he has crashed in aren’t exactly happy to see him, so he leaves town and turns his eyes to the ever-turning Wheel of Fortune, hoping to find answers regarding his sudden amnesia and special abilities.

Lightningborn‘s pitch
Stay safe! ~ Taia

Now, in my head, the main character is really the viewer, because the podcast will be written through the first person perspective (the viewer’s). For my pitch’s sake, I had to make Fallon a guy, but ya know what? . . .

Lightningborn will be getting all sorts of special attention this month, and as shown on this page, I plan to release a few details to the public, most of which will be only available on my Patreon. There will be more information to come, regarding Lightningborn, so follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates.

November is looking pretty busy.

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