Lightningborn, my focus for November // WIP Update

November 4th, 2020 // WIP Update

Hi, everyone!

We’re talking about Lightningborn in this month’s WIP update!

I decided that Lightningborn will be the focus for NaNoWriMo. While I’m not participating in the traditional way (producing a manuscript at fifty thousand words (50,000/50k), I thought that November would be the perfect month to do some heavy duty brainstorming. Even though I’m still following my regular scheduled programming for the month and continuing my mandatory uploads, I wanted to really sit down and figure out Lightningborn.

“Where did Lightningborn come from?”

I mentioned Lightningborn (quite vaguely) in this blog post back in April. I had to “create” a podcast for one of my last classes. The entire podcast didn’t need to be recorded for class, but our professor wanted us to have a solid concept. I sat down, didn’t do nearly as much worldbuilding as I should in hindsight, and wrote a script. I recorded what I had written, laid down some lovely background music from @Dawg9Ghost on twitter, and presented the finished work to my class. They loved it. My professor said I should write the podcast concept as a pilot for TV, and I’ve had this idea spinning around in my brain ever since.

You caught the “didn’t do nearly as much worldbuilding as I should”, right? I wanted to work on Lightningborn more over the summer, but due to the world being on fire for most of July and all of June, I didn’t have the mind power to give Lightningborn the attention it really deserved.

But now I think I have the brain power for Lightningborn, so here I am, a few months later, trying to discover more of the world I had caught a glimpse of in May.

The pitch for Lightningborn was in my last blog post, but I don’t want to be that gal, so here it is again.

Lightningborn is based on the idea of a world influenced by tarot cards. Our main character, Fallon, wakes up in the same world he has always lived in, only now without memories and with the ability to control lightning. He quickly realizes that the inhabitants of the town he has crashed in aren’t exactly happy to see him, so he leaves town and turns his eyes to the ever-turning Wheel of Fortune, hoping to find answers regarding his sudden amnesia and special abilities.

Lightningborn‘s pitch

As mentioned previously, I am aiming for Lightningborn to be available in a few different mediums, lenses if you will. The first medium will be a screenplay, which will be written like as pilot for TV. This will be written and shared (first draft only) on my Patreon for certain tiers. The second will be a narrative podcast, which will be hosted by Anchor and spread across various streaming platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, maybe even Apple Music. Each episode’s final script will also be available on my Patreon as a transcript, so viewers can read as they listen.

Lastly, I want Lightningborn to be a video game. Ambitious, I know, but I’ve already written a sample VR script, which can be found in my portfolio. Lightningborn is a huge project for me, and it’s not leaving my head anytime soon. Truthfully, we’re probably years away from this sort of plot twist.

In my last blog post, I mentioned that the podcast will be written in 1st person, depicting the viewer as the main character . . . Or perhaps 2nd person would be better? 😂 This is why I’m using November to write the fine print for the series.

I’m using my handy-dandy unlined sketchbook for the brainstorming phase. I used this exact same sketchbook for outlining Sins of the Sun. I realized that I can sit and write in a notebook all day as long as there aren’t any lines in it. It is also built like a book, so it feels solid. It’s a weird brain hack, but I’m more than happy to get out of my own way if that’s what it takes.

As far as writing goes, I want to write the pilot first. I think distilling the first few chapters of the podcast into screenplay format will help me decide what plot points are crucial for the beginning. Translating the screenplay into prose should be a breeze, once everything is figured out, of course. I’ll spend the next few months writing and rewriting. I want to have the entire first season of Lightningborn written and recorded by January, February at the latest. My problem with launching it in January is that I want to create some really high quality work, which I can do, but I want . . . A lot.

I want voice actors and sound effects. Background music. Ambient noise. I’m impatient to get things running, so I’m tempted to go solo and do everything myself, but I know that it would be silly to do so. However, given the amount of work I want to put into Lightningborn, I think launching in January would be too soon. This is definitely a “midnight oil” project for me, given my current work schedule, energy levels, and limited knowledge of how to create a podcast of this magnitude.

But I want to do it. I have to try, and the fact that Lightningborn hasn’t left my head since May . . . I think this means I have to keep going. It’s still in my head for a reason.

Regarding the episode I recorded for class, I took it down. I felt like any new ideas and developments I dreamed up would create too many differences from the recorded episode versus the new draft I would be creating. However, if you want to check out the talented musician that I worked with, their twitter handle is @Dawg9Ghost. The song I used is called “Lullaby”. We had the narrative class together that created Lightningborn, so it’s safe to say we know each other. She’s also an amazing writer, so if she ever posts about her writing, you better read it! I will be returning to you for some more music, Ghost Dawg! ❤

Stay safe! ~ Taia

Regarding Sins of the Sun, I’m setting it on the back burner. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still very exciting, but I don’t think I can juggle three different projects. Not with how everything is going. However, you can read the first chapter here.

I hope you all are well! I’ll see you next month with another update on Lightningborn. Follow me on twitter and Instagram for more mini-updates!

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