November 2020: My Thoughts

Goodbye, November!

It feels like November went by faster than October did. As usual, I spent a good chunk of it working at my day job. I was quite surprised that Starbucks closed down our café again. I expected the café to remain open until mid-December, but the sooner it was closed, the better.

I can’t be the only one worried about people coming inside with colds. Pre-COVID, some of these people would be sneezing with their masks open. Now we have the joy of watching them take off their masks to sneeze. It really boggles the mind, especially when you look around and see that some people still are wearing their masks incorrectly: with their nose unprotected.

Enough with the COVID stuff. If you can recall last month’s update, I embraced a new format I was considering for my monthly summary posts. I had some pretty pictures and I don’t know. The whole thing just felt good, so I’m going to keep it going.

I had some of these songs on repeat
  • “You are a memory” by Message to Bears
  • “Escape to L.A.”, “Faith”, “After Hours”, and “Too Late” by the Weeknd
  • “Eastside” by Benny Blanco, Halsey, and Khalid
  • Different versions of W.A.P. 😂
  • “Dissociation” by Aaryan Shah

I’ve been replaying certain parts from some of my favorite film scores.

  • Inception’s “Riff Suite (Dream is Collapsing)” by Hans Zimmer
  • Interstellar’s “S.T..A.Y.” by Hans Zimmer
  • Divergent’s “Tris” by Junkie XL and Ellie Goulding
  • Great Gatsby’s “Green Light” by Craig Armstrong
  • Star War’s “I’m so Sorry”, “Funeral Suite”, and “Across the Stars” by John Williams

I found my way to Maren Altman’s youtube channel, so I’ve been watching some of her astrology videos. I even registered for her free astrology webinar. I caught it at the last second (quite literally!) and I was able to sit down and go through the webinar as soon as it started. It had been quite a few stressful seconds once I realized that I was logging into the webinar right away versus scheduling it.

Stay safe! ~ Taia

I mentioned in my last summary post that Lightningborn was going to be my focus for November. You can read about how that is going in my latest WIP update. I think Lightningborn is coming along fairly well, if not a bit too slow for my taste. But considering the dilemma I discuss in this post, it’s probably best to build at a slower pace than usual.

It’s crazy how November was here and gone in a blink, too. Looking back now, I really didn’t do much this past month. Working and writing. My usual duo. I want to do something different in 2021, though. I’m not going to go all “here’s my New Years Resolutions” on you, but I do have some ideas in mind. Little changes.

I think November was the most peaceful month for me this year, especially considering how December is starting out. I’m hopeful for the end of the year. Maybe something lovely will happen.

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