Big Dreams, Bigger To Do List // Status Report

February 19th, 2021 // Status Report

Hi, everyone!

It’s been a while since my last status report. I would say that February has been so much calmer than January and December. I have thoroughly enjoyed the lack of stress and fortunately, I’ve been able to take better care of myself lately. I mentioned in my last blog post that there is a change in content coming. I feel like I promise that ever so often, but I mean it!

I can’t exactly film any youtube videos yet, given how I have a tripod and I want the viewers to see my cards and not my face, but maybe that’s so nitpicky. My thoughts for my youtube channel focus more on self care, like journaling videos where the viewer journals with me, or “hey, let’s do some chores together”. Think body doubling videos that encourage you to get stuff done. That is something I should look into as well.

However, right now, I’m more focused on creating content for my blog. I know, I know. I said a little while ago that I don’t want to blog all the time, which is still true. I don’t want to talk about myself all the time, which is currently the focus for my blog. And yes, it’s my blog, I can talk about myself all day long if I want to, but I don’t.

So, as far as blog content, I created some new masterpages for future blog posts. I want to write about my dreams and stuff I daydream about. Yes, more talking about me, but more of analysis.

For example, sometimes I dream about buying cake in a Kroger. I can never find the cake I want. I can’t even taste in any food I eat in my dreams, but I noticed that whenever I dream about buying cake, I’m feeling dissatisfied with my life. I want a change. So this desire manifests into me dreaming about cake, something sweet that I don’t get to eat often. This is more of the stuff I’m talking about. A live analysis of my dreams.

“Taia, just buy a dream journal.” Didn’t we just say this is my blog? 😂 I wanna do it!

Anyway, so dreams aside, I also want to write more flash fiction. You already know that I write short stories on my Patreon, but I’ve been having writers’ block and plotting issues. It’s your usual run of the mill problems, but I’m thinking shorter works of fiction might be the answer. Less commitment, but still using your brain. I’m giving it a shot.

And yes, I want to fulfill my usual desires, like sharing my paintings and ukulele progress. I bought some astrology books, which will help me out in the future. I’m not trying to be a world famous astrologer, but I do want to feel more confident when I talk about my limited knowledge.

I also have a ton of info pages that I want to fill up. Pages like Red Sugar and C.O.D.Y.’s Intentions. These are all works that I’ve written and want to return to and share with you as I edit them, but how can you be interested in something you have no clue about?

So, there is a lot on my to do list, and I seem to tire out right after 5pm without fail. I’ve been tracking my energy levels throughout the day, but being in a pandemic and pushing through ever-increasing mental fatigue makes it hard to establish a routine around said energy levels. This makes reading and writing so much harder than it used to be, depression included.

Stay safe! ~ Taia

I probably sound like a robot by now. “Must make art. Must suppress exhaustion. Must consume art. Must make good art.”

As far as today, February 19th, it’s a gray day outside. The air was cold on my skin when I darted to the mailbox to grab my books. The clothes finished tumbling in the dryer and I can’t wait to tug on my warm wool socks. The space heaters are warming up the living room, and the humming from the heaters is the only noise in the room besides my typing. It’s beautiful day. I am grateful to be in this house, here and now. I have a hot shower waiting and after I put the laundry away, I get to crack open one of the four books I’ve bought in the last two weeks. I can’t help but feel a buzz within me to do so much more. I am excited to stay in bed and be home and just be. I sit in silence a lot, thinking and more often worrying, so it’s nice to have someone else’s words painting a picture in my head.

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