I’ve Been a Busy Bee Offline // Status Report

July 4th, 2021 // Status Report

Geez! It’s been three months since I’ve given you an update.

I began an intimidating adventure back in March. I decided to invest in myself and filed for an LLC. Obtaining an LLC had been eating at me long before I finally filed for one. Ever since then, I’ve been working on my website and opening an online tarot reading shop.

As predicted, my literary projects fell for the wayside. I wasn’t able to multitask with something so daunting as launching an e-commerence store. I can confidently say I will be back with more stories now that some things have been finalized for good. There is so much more to creating an online store. It’s worth writing a blog post about.

I was able to walk! 🎓

April, May, and June were fairly stressful months. May was much more stressful than April, which proved to be the most relaxing month of the three of them. I think most of my stress came from catching up on doctor’s appointments. My off days are staggered, so I had foolishly booked one appointment every week for three weeks straight, on top of other weekly obligations. As of last week, I finally feel like things have calmed down and I have been home for a week.

I was able to walk across the stage on May 28th. The entire ceremony had seemed a bit rushed, and it was definitely hot, but I’m glad I had been able to still walk. I don’t know if I told you, but for my last quarter of college, I took on another class so I could graduate on time. Walking across the stage with my peers was one of my main motivators for doing so, and I’m glad it paid off.

Once June hit, I had to dig deep within myself to keep moving. My sleep schedule went to absolute hell for the first two weeks of June. I slept for three hours a night for two weeks straight. So much suffering at once. And yes, you guess it. I recovered from sleep-deprivation two weeks ago.

Things feel much more normal these days. I was able to focus on getting my license and working on my e-commerence store. My blog may be a bit more active than usual because of a small blog series. You’ll see a new blog post every day this week until Friday. The blog post will be about each tarot reading. They’re small blogs, not meant to take longer than five minutes to read. I wrote them to help clients make a decision about which kind of reading to get.

In the meantime, you can expect more content from me. The new content might be more familiar AKA blog posts, but I’m slowly drifting away from this. I broke down my latest projects in a Patreon update, so you can see where the creative side of my brain is these days.

Stay safe! ~ Taia

I have always struggled to celebrate my accomplishments. It’s been a challenge, but I’m learning that it’s okay to have to watch myself learn something or improve. It’s okay to look backwards sometimes.

Biggest wins in the last three months 😁

  • Filed my LLC
  • Obtained my drivers’ license
  • Walked across the stage
  • Figured out mailchimp
  • My tarot reading shop launches tomorrow 🔮

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