Dinner for Two


Dinner for Two is a tarot reading that focuses on romantic connections in my customers’ lives. This reading is given with the intention to produce positive results within the relationship and regardless of the outcome, they are always meant to empower. The graphic for this reading was inspired by the Two of Cups. The Two of Cups can be interpreted as self-love, as well as spending time with your romantic partners. I usually pull this card when a new lover is coming in or when my client needs to spend more time nurturing themselves. However, this reading only focuses on you and your S.O.

This reading answers the following questions:

  • “Is anything subconsciously holding me/us back?”
  • “What inner wound is sabotaging this relationship?”
  • “Should I ask my partner about XYZ?”
  • “What is harming our relationship?”
  • “What is helping our relationship?”
  • “How am I holding myself back from enjoying my partner?”
  • “What do I need to hear right now?”

I use my Wild Unknown Tarot deck to answer some of these questions. The default receiving method for this reading would be a typed message, but you can also purchase it with the intent to converse with me. I will interpret fourteen (14) tarot cards for the full reading.

The miniature version of this reading (Quick Brunch) can only be received as a PDF, voice memo, or typed message. I will interpret seven (7) cards for you, regardless of receiving method. You can always add more cards to this reading by selecting “Stack It“.

Please keep in mind that the overall outcome of your relationship cannot be seen with this reading. I cannot predict anything that doesn’t already have a chance of happening. Nothing I see here is set in stone. Energy is fluid and what I see now can change in the future based on your choices. Also: consider asking your partner how you two/three/?? are instead of consulting tarot cards. Your partner may be more straight-forward and glad that you care to ask. ❤

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