Two Peas in a Pod


Two Peas in a Pod is a full tarot reading that focuses on your platonic and familial relationships. This reading explores obstacles in your day to day connections. The graphic for this reading was inspired by the Three of Cups. I tend to interpret the Three of Cups as someone needing a day to spend time with friends, seek advice, or celebrations are on the way. The Three of Cups is always a welcome sight to see.

This reading can answer the following questions:

  • “How can I be a better friend?”
  • “What is missing from my day to day life?”
  • “Should I tell XYZ about ABC?”
  • “How can I mend my relationship with XYZ?”
  • “How can I attract stronger and more meaningful connections in my life?”
  • “What do I need to hear right now?”

I use my Wild Unknown Tarot deck to answer some of these questions. The default receiving method for this reading would be a typed message, but you can also purchase it with the intent to converse with me. I will interpret fourteen (14) tarot cards for the full reading.

The miniature version of this reading (Runaway Pod) can only be received as a PDF, voice memo, or typed message. I will interpret seven (7) cards for you, regardless of receiving method. You can always add more cards to this reading by selecting “Stack It“.

Please keep in mind that the overall outcome of your relationships or friendships cannot be seen with this reading. I cannot predict anything that doesn’t already have a chance of happening. Nothing I see here is set in stone. Energy is fluid and what I see now can change in the future based on your choices. ❤

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