Broken Mirror


Broken Mirror is a tarot reading that focuses on shadow work and discovering your core. The graphic for this reading was inspired by the Tower card. The Tower card can be interpreted as a sudden change, a shake in our foundation. This change is not always good and it is always unexpected. We all retreat within ourselves when overwhelmed with such a change, and it is in this moment of solitude where we do most of our shadow work. Our attempt to hide from the world and flames around us can become a place of healing, inspiring us to plan for better days. This moment of self-nurturing is when the rain comes.

This reading answers the following questions:

  • “How can I become a better person?”
  • “How can I make my life easier?”
  • “What went awry in my last relationship?”
  • “What am I subconsciously sabotaging?”
  • “What inner wound is keeping me from moving forward?”
  • “What do I need to hear right now?”

I use my Wild Unknown Tarot deck and my Dark Mirror Oracle to answer some of these questions. The default receiving method for this reading would be a typed message, but you can also purchase it with the intent to converse with me. I will interpret fourteen (14) tarot cards for the full reading.

The miniature version of this reading (Black Rose) can only be received as a PDF, voice memo, or typed message. I will interpret seven (7) cards for you, regardless of receiving method. You can always add more cards to this reading by selecting “Stack It“.

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