Sins of the Sun // WIP Update

May 30th, 2022

I shot myself in the foot and started sharing Sins of the Sun on Patreon without finishing the story first. Yes, you heard that right. I am sharing a first draft of this project (and Echoes) as I write it. It’s not the wisest decision I’ve made, but I needed some immediate feedback on my work. I think I secretly miss writing fanfiction . . .


Sins of the Sun is still dear to my heart. I have plans to publish it, and I know this because I actually sat down and outlined it. I haven’t done this in years (since my SCAD days), and because I know how my brain works, I knew the moment that I sat down that I had grand plans for this one.

I mean, why not? There are supposed to be immortal soldiers walking around in the desert, there’s love between multiple women in my story, there’s betrayal, decapitation . . . It’s delicious. I haven’t read anything like this so far, which means it’s up to me to get this story out there.

My lack of discipline is my biggest enemy right now. Naturally, my first step is to write more. Consistently. I have the outline. I need to write the scenes. Full stop. There’s nothing scary about this, other than the voice in my head saying every word is garbage. Like all writers, though, I can’t let that voice (me) stop me. I want to publish this story as well.

I still want to share my first draft with you, but it might be safer to share bits and pieces. I have plans to share other works on my Patreon, but they will be smaller. In the meantime, I’ll keep working.

You can check out Sins of the Sun’s project page here.

Thank you for reading this update. Let’s keep it pushing.

Stay safe!