My Goals for the Fall

In my last blog post, I talked about rediscovering one of my life’s purposes: to share my stories with the world. I mentioned how I wanted to focus on writing for myself again, because if I’m not entertained while writing a 100k word doc, you won’t be interested in reading it.

I mentioned SCAD’s quarter system and how stopping it cold turkey kicked my creativity in the kneecap. I explained how we only had ten (10) weeks to complete our assignments. I’m talking about finishing big creative projects in two or three weeks, sometimes more than three projects a quarter for each class. You’re knocking out six to ten creative pieces in ten (10) weeks, and we did it. We were successful.

I decided to work with this idea a bit more. The quarter system was a nice way to divide up the year, and I concluded that I wanted to keep that system in my life. Let’s lower the workload, though.

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to declare Fall to be September 1st through November 31st. Winter will “begin” on December 1st. (Yes, I know. Just roll with it.)

Here are my goals for the fall:

I am turning my gaze back to Blood of the Fallen. I posted an update about it in July and most of that is still standing. I decided to set aside Echoes and Sins of the Sun to finish a new draft of Blood of the Fallen so I can finally let it rest and look at other projects. I’m not sure how long this will take, but BOTF will be my main story for the foreseeable future. I want to have at least twenty percent (25%) of the manuscript written by December.

As far as social media goes, I will upload on my first batch of tarot quizzes. I’m going to post two (2) of them over the course of “fall quarter” (I need a cuter name for this so I don’t trigger my SCAD alumnas).

Lastly, I want to finish my yearly reading goal of thirteen (13) books. I am at twelve (12) right now, so I’m really close.

If I manage to accomplish more things outside of these goals, then great. I will update you all whenever I can in a blog post with a special tag (#quartergoalupdate).

Thank you for reading. I’ll see you soon.