life lessons from MEMENTO’s Lenny

  1. Tattoos will help you remember everything.
  2. Writing things down will help you kill the right person. Or the wrong person. I guess that’s up to you to remember which is which.
  3. Once you find your target, don’t leave room for error. Be precise in your instructions to yourself.
  4. If a trusted individual tells you not to drive the dead guy’s car, don’t do it.
  5. But if you really need the dead guy’s car, driving around in it won’t draw too much attention.
  6. Being able to forget everything within a few minutes is great for conflict resolution.
  7. Taking polaroids is only helpful if you write a little memo on the back of it. Otherwise, they are useless.
  8. Always drink the free beverage offered to you at the bar. You will be guaranteed a fresh pour.
  9. Don’t question the gun you find in the dead guy’s trunk, but be sure to make good use of it.
  10. Also: don’t worry about the money in the dead guy’s trunk. You’ll need it later to get out of town.
  11. If someone remembers you, ask them about every interaction you’ve ever had with them. You need to establish how you fit into their life and vice versa.
  12. If you suddenly find yourself being chased, running towards the person chasing you will help you remember what’s going on.
  13. Don’t trust anyone else’s handwriting on your body except the tattooist’s.
  14. Keeping a diary will prevent (most) chaotic situations.
  15. Evidently, people will help you out of pity, and you should be grateful. Don’t expect it.