About Me

My name is pronounced TAY-AH, or TAY-YAH. It’s usually the latter, and it’s perfectly fine. Especially since my mother told me a last year that the I in my name should have an accent over it.
I have written a brief description about myself several times now (my two tumblrs, my twitter profile, my fanfiction page, etc.) but I wanted to be a little more descriptive this time around.

About me

I’m a senior in college attending a prestigious and rightfully expensive art school, also known as SCAD ( 🙂 ). Here is my portfolio, which I made for a computer arts class that I finished in the spring of 2018.
Any names mentioned here are fake to protect identities. I don’t want to get into any kind of trouble.
My major is dramatic writing and I want to write the scripts that will turn my books into TV shows, alongside writing plays and movies on the side. I applied to SCAD with no money to go and I consider it a dream come true to be accepted into my dream college, as it was the only college I applied to.

About my writing career*

I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, and the only way I know this is because I remember having an assignment for language arts back in fifth grade. I remember spending what felt like hours on the assignment. I filled two sheets of notebook paper front to back, and I also remember feeling disgruntled with myself because I hadn’t finished the story when the assignment was due.
I started on fanfiction.net and you can read my (awful) fanfictions here. Please don’t.
I’ve been writing ever since then, starting and dropping projects until 2015, when I became determined to finish a novel. I finally finished my first novel in the summer of my sophomore year in high school, and let me tell you, I got on a roll after that. I’ve finished four books, two of which I am proud of. The third one doesn’t really count because I lost the outline to that one.
Long story short (because this could go on forever), I am a fan of storytelling, whether I read someone else’s story or write my own. Due to my growing love for creating my own characters and plot twists, I’ve started to read less and write more, which will only get you so far. I recommend reading whenever possible. You can find more details here.

Questions You Have For Me

Why have you started social media profiles now when you could have done so years ago?

I wasn’t taking my writing seriously a few years ago. It wasn’t until I finished my first book and sent the draft to my mother that I realized I should write more, and I wasn’t thinking about social media until a few months ago when my mother advised me to create some profiles so my fans (if I have any) will have a place to go to see what’s going on in my life. She didn’t say all of that, but I reached that conclusion when she said that we needed to start publishing my books, and I jumped again and realized that fans need a base. So, why not?

You said you’ve written four books. Will you tell us about them in future posts?


Which one will you publish first? You said you’re only proud of two, so…?

I plan to self-publish my books within a year or two, starting with the one I’m the most proud of right now.

What’s it like to have a twin?

It’s super awesome because he’s my best friend. We almost never argue.
Besides, we’re going to different colleges, so I will always have a fun fact that he can’t use against me. 🙂

Where You Can Find Me


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