About Me

Hey there!

My name is Taia – pronounced Téa.

I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, but I didn’t consider writing for a living until I was fourteen and finished my first book. I’ve finished three others since then. I was going to publish Blood of the Fallen, but I had been editing the book for four years (the entirety of my college career), and the story wasn’t clicking. I lost the magic, so I’m focusing on other work until then.

I’m a SCAD alumna, also a part-time Starbucks barista, a tarot reader, and a beginner podcast creator. If you’d like to get a tarot reading with me, you can send me a DM on twitter. More details on my journey with tarot . . .

I won’t say too much more about myself, but I try to give weekly “status reports”/ life updates. I’m aware that not too many people read blogs, but I’m happy to have my own space on the interwebs.

For business inquiries, you can email me at taiadominiquecreations@gmail.com.

Blog // Portfolio // Patreon // Youtube Channel // Tumblr // Wattpad // Book a Tarot Reading

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