About Me

Hey there!

My name is Taia – pronounced TAY-AH, or TAY-YAH. It’s usually the latter, and it’s perfectly fine.

I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, but I didn’t consider writing for a living until I was fourteen and finished my first book. I’ve finished three others since then. I was going to publish Blood of the Fallen, but I had been editing the book for four years (the entirety of my college career), and the story wasn’t clicking. I lost the magic, so I’m focusing on other work until then.

I’m a part-time Starbucks barista and a full-time student. I won’t say too much more about myself, but I try to give weekly “status reports”/ life updates. I’m aware that not too many people read blogs, but I’m happy to have my own space on the interwebs.

Where You Can Find Me


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