About Me

My name is Taia – pronounced Téa.

I’ve been writing stories since I was ten, but I didn’t consider writing for a living until I was fourteen and finished my first book. I’ve finished three others since then. I was going to publish Blood of the Fallen, but I had been editing the book for four years (the entirety of my college career), and the story wasn’t clicking. I lost the magic, so I’m focusing on other work until then.

It’s safe to say I am still discovering what my muse likes. I love to watch TV shows that involve supernatural elements, like Supernatural and Lucifer, which usually stirs the creative juices. I’m also a big fan of dramas, like ReignBreaking BadE.R., The Good Place, and Hannibal are sublime. At least to me. I could gush about Breaking Bad forever. I also write reviews on said TV shows and films as well.

I’m a SCAD alumna, also a part-time Starbucks barista, a tarot reader, and a beginner podcast creator. I spend a good deal of my time working at Starbucks, but my dream life is a pretty picture: me writing full time, sending my literary pieces far and wide. I am currently falling back in love with reading. I’m dabbling in a few different hobbies: learning astrology, ASL, and Spanish, as well as knitting and playing my new ukulele.

I won’t say too much more about myself, but I try to give monthly “status reports”/ life updates. I’m aware not too many people read blogs, but I’m happy to have my own space on the internet.

For business inquiries, you can email me at taiadominiquecreations@gmail.com.

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