April 2020

The following posts are organized with by date (most recent being first).

A summary of April . . .


Favorite Photos

A Story in the Woods // April 28th

Escaping the House // April 20th

My View From The Couch // April 17th


Status Reports / Life Updates

Status Report // April 30th

Status Report // April 23rd

Status Report // April 16th

My First Two “Vlogs”! // April 12th

Status Report // April 9th

“You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do” // April 2nd


W.I.P.  Updates

A new project: a podcast, mentioned in April 23rd and April 30th‘s status report

Blood of the Fallen‘s pilot episode, mentioned in April 23rd and April 30th‘s status report

Red Sugar, mentioned in April 30th’s status report


Knitting Project Updates

None this month, babe.


Mental Health Updates

Mentioned in April 2nd and April 16ths status report



None this month, babe.


Other Special Content

  • April 12th // “Disclaimer” // on blog
  • April 12th // “Social Media Fears” // on blog
  • April 19th // “Goofing off with Oracle Cards” // youtube
  • April 19th // “Goofing Off with Tarot Cards” // youtube
  • April 27th // Relaxing with Watercolor // youtube
  • April 27th // Tarot ASMR (an attempt) // youtube


Thank you for reading! I’ll see you next month! ❤