July 2021

The following posts are organized with by date (most recent being first).

This blog post summarizes July. Here’s the goal page for this month, too. 😊

Favorite Photos

None yet.

Status Reports / Life Updates

“I’ve Been a Busy Bee Offline” // July 4th

Blog Series: Tarot Readings

Dinner for Two // July 5th

Money Clip // July 6th

Two Peas in a Pod // July 7th

Full Glass // July 8th

Broken Mirror // July 9th

W.I.P. Updates

Copied from Patreon Content – July Content/Schedule Update // July 1st

This is a detailed update that mentions new and old projects, as well as their current statuses.

Knitting Project Updates

None this month.

Mental Health Updates




Other Special Content

Patreon Updates
  • Collective Energy Reading for August // Blossom Magazine // July 31st
  • Blossom Magazine Article // “Finding Yourself in The Fragments” // July 21st
  • July Content Schedule/Update // July 1st

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