Most of these were started in 2011 and I am currently unable to finish them.

Lanterns of Gold Saga series

genre: movie, Tangled // Main Page


“What If” Series

(genre: both, Twilight) // Main Page

“You’re Mine” Series

(genre: TV, Sherlock) // Main Page

Stand-alone Fanfictions

If I Never Knew You (genre: movie, Tangled)
The King’s Contest (genre: movie, Tangled)
The Odd Life of Rapunzel Mendel (genre: movie, Tangled)
If You Had Left Me (genre: movie, Tangled)
Rise of the Lanterns (genre: movies, crossover of Tangled and Rise of the Guardians)
I Thought Differently (genre: movie, Frozen)
Looking For You (genre: movie, Frozen)
When I Froze (genre: movie, Frozen)
Indigo Skies (genre; TV, Inuyasha)
The Reality of Being Human (genre: TV, Being Human, UK version)
Ariadne’s Decision (genre: movie, Inception)
Before & Yet After (genre: both, Twilight)
When Max Changed (genre: video game, Slender)
Hidden Strings (genre: book series, The Hunger Games)
New Community (genre: book, The Giver)

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