List of Works

The first three categories hold manuscripts and scripts that you may read at your leisure. Some of them may be only available on Patreon while there are excerpts of others, provided for you to read whenever you like.

My portfolio is hosted by Issuu and I consider the Script Bank, Book Shelf, and my Patreon projects to be a second portfolio of sorts. I didn’t want to overburden my Issuu portfolio with the rest of my projects, so while Issuu holds my “best” work, I wanted you to be able to find more of my work elsewhere, hence the Script Bank and Book Shelf links.

The Script Bank

The Book Shelf

Patreon Projects

My Portfolio, hosted by Issuu

The following links hold the rest of my work. Some have been discussed in blog posts, which you will soon find, while others are “info pages”. They will be updated as soon as I can do so.

Magazine Articles & Other Published Works

Blossom Magazine // master page


Lightningborn, launching sometime in early 2023

Aged Ink, launching sometime in summer 2022

VR Games

Science Fiction

Novels & Series

Keeper Chronicles
  • Blood of the Fallen
The Immortal Throne
  • Princes of Gaboria
The Seasonal Spirits
  • Snow Girl


  • Coming soon.


  • True Colors
  • Desires of the Heart

Scripts for TV

Short Stories

SCAD Projects

The following are projects that I completed in SCAD as homework or final assignments.


It’s Not You


Into my Subconscious


I’ve been daydreaming to music a lot lately, so I figured I’d share of them, only rewritten as short fictional stories.

Dream Journal

I also decided to try something new and analysis my subconscious mind, my dreams most importantly. I have a few recurring motifs that I keep encountering . . . Think of this as me trying to interpret my dreams for your leisure.

Page updated September 23rd, 2021