This is a master page, designed to hold all of my goals for this month. Below will be links to tweet threads, as well as links to content I have created already. This page isn’t the same as the monthly summaries page, as this page will be updated in real time and will only hold accomplished and pending goals. May’s summary page will only hold links to published/finished content.

These are the goals I am hoping to hit this week!

Weekly Goals Twitter Thread


This is the content I want to produce this month. 😀 Content that has been published will be linked below, by most recent first! Side note: Do you like the revamp?

Personal Goals

🐢 Finish turning my room into a sanctuary

✅ Give myself one tarot reading

✅ Complete project page for all recent projects

  • Replay
  • Cursed Neurons

✅ Update project pages:

  • Blood of the Fallen
  • Lightningborn

🐢 Lay down the foundation for the first draft of Sins of the Sun

🐢 Grasp the basics of the Aries sign (I’m teaching myself Astrology and Spanish! Wish me luck!)

Hey, Taia, what’s with the emojis? Onwards, you go!

Patreon Content
  • Share a peek of Replay
  • Share a peek of Cursed Neurons
Patreon-Sponsored Content
  • WIP Update: Sins of the Sun
  • WIP Update: Blood of the Fallen
  • Tiktok #1 // May 10th
  • Tiktok #2 // May 28th
  • Free Guys review
  • Recalculating // May 28th
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