Patreon Projects Database

This page holds all of my works that are currently on Patreon. You may find excerpts on my website and blog posts discussing them, but the full version of each work can only be found on Patreon for as little as three dollars ($3 USD) a month. If you’re intrigued, please head to the excerpts section so you can get a sneak peek. 😀

Sins of the Sun

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After being discovered with a lover from the Sun temple, Shimera is excommunicated and finds a new life waiting for her in a developing town by the lake. However, her life is threatened by a group of immortal soldiers, who are following the orders of a mysterious higher power. When Yoni, one of the assassins, decides to spare her life, Shimera takes this as a sign from above to return to the temple and renew her faith. Yoni accompanies her to get answers of her own, since killing a member of the Sun temple is forbidden.


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A young witch escapes her old home to start over at Highpoint Springs, a small tourist town that houses an even smaller community of people like Ezra Reeves. Ezra quickly settles in with the help of the local mystics and finds that she’s caught on a crush on one of them: Zinnia Evers.