How To Book A Tarot Reading

Thank you so much for allowing me to read the cards for you! If you have questions regarding my experience with tarot, click here.

The first thing you should do is read my policies regarding tarot readings. You can read the FAQ for more questions.

Then you can head to the shop and see my full list of services. You can also browse by category. Once you scroll down to the bottom of each page, you’ll see that there are prompts to guide you to checkout.

Once you’ve selected your reading, head to the Oracles page or Add Ons page if you would like to customize your reading a bit more. After doing this, you can select your receiving method and then go to checkout.

Essentially, you are building a reading like a Build-a-Bear.

You can choose the kind of reading you would like (as well as a mini version of that reading), and then add more Oracle or Tarot cards. Depending on your preferences, you can choose how you would like to receive the reading. Are you usually on the go and don’t have time to read a PDF? Choose the voice memo reading. Do you like to keep physical records of your tarot readings? Choose a PDF, Typed Message, or maybe a Converse Package so you can keep a copy of the reading in your twitter DMs.

I think allowing clients to customize how they receive their purchase is a great idea. You can tailor your reading to fit your needs and still get your money’s worth.

However, while you’re not limited to purchase one reading at a time, I ask that you give me a week to deliver your reading(s).

*Updated September 6th, 2021