Tarot Reading Etiquette

Hi there! If you are reading this page, it is most likely because I have sent you a link to it. This page is only to remind you of one thing: respect. My respect for you, your respect for me, and our mutual respect for both of our lives and our time.

Maybe you’re looking for reassurance and empowerment. Maybe you need a question answered. I can help with this, but only if we both respect each other. I am always honored when clients to find me and book a reading with me.

As stated on my policies page, if I am late for a scheduled reading, my clients will be refunded $2 USD for every day that I am late. This is an inconvenience to you, perhaps only remedied by this small refund. This is me respecting you and your time.

For you to respect me and my time, I ask that you “arrive” a few minutes early to scheduled readings – given that I may still be setting up, I still like to start on time and I would love for you to be ready as well. I also ask after the reading that you continue to respect me, i.e not leaving the reading halfway through or report to social media saying how your reading didn’t resonate. I would prefer for us to discuss this in private so we may possibly schedule a reading consultation, which will hopefully provide more clarity.

All information disclosed in my readings is 100% confidential. After the reading is over, the things we discusses no longer exist. Any information inside of the reading will only come out because of you. I go about my day after my readings are done. This is me respecting you and your private life. I ask you to do the same for me.

In summary, as a display of respect for me, you must:
  • Arrive a few minutes early.
  • Stay the entire time.
  • If your reading didn’t resonate: We can handle this privately without the entire internet getting involved.
  • Keep any information disclosed in the reading confidential.
  • If you must cancel a scheduled reading, give me more than 24 hours notice to refund you the full amount.

As a display of respect for you, I will:
  • Be ready for the reading as soon as possible.
  • Deliver my services as promised.
  • Keep any information disclosed in the reading confidential.
  • Send out refunds to my clients every day I am late.

Please be aware that I am not the only person providing spiritual services with these guidelines. All spiritual workers deserve respect from their clients, and they will respect you and hold you in high regard. We all want to have a good time!

*Updated June 30th, 2021